The R. W. Scott Bible

The R. W. Scott Bible

Transcribed and Submitted
Dolores and Gordon Miltenberger

The Holy Bible , [etc.]
New York American Bible Society, 1883

R. W. Scott and Emily Vance was married Febr. the 18, 1881
John Moseby Lipscomb and Minnie Lee Scott were married May 14, 1903
Arthur Lee Woods and Georgia May Scott married December 10th, 1913
Robert Martin Scott and Errie Mae Weber were married June the 29, 1924
Arthur Lee Woods, Jr. & Alice Nora Burdett were married Nov. 25th, 1944 Vancouver, B. C. Canada

R. W. Scott was born December the 18, 1857
Emily C. Vance was born April the 19, 1860
Minnie Lee Scott was born June 25, 1884
Georgie May Scott was born September the 24, 1889
Arthur Lee Woods, Jr. was born May the 21, 1918
John Fitts Scott was born May the 25, 1892
Robert Martin Scott was born December the 22, 1907
John Howard Lipscomb was born March the 13th, 1910
Robert Martin Scott, Jr was born March 22, 1929

Emily Caroline Vance Scott died June 13, 1933
R. W. Scott died Dec. 22nd, 1946
Arthur L. Woods died July 6, 1946
John Moseby Lipscomb III died Jan. 27, 1937
Robert Martin Scott died July 26, 1949
John Moseby Lipscomb died Feb 22, 1951

John Moseby Lipscomb III was born Oct. 11, 1936
John Fitts Scot born Mary 25, 1892, died April 13 1966
Robert Martin Scott Jr. and Dianne Gardner were married Dec. 25, 1952 Birmingham, Ala
Robbert Martin Scott, Jr. was born March the 22, 1929
Daniel McCoy Braddock Jr. was born 11-16, 1932 Barcelona, Spain
John Lipscomb Braddock was born 4-6-1936, Barcelona, Spain
John Moseby Lipscomb III was born 10-11-1936
(Great-grandchildren of R. W. & Emily Vance Scott, grandchildren of Minnie Scott Lipscomb)

Caroline Anderson Braddock was born 3-27-1941 Porto Alegre, Brazil

Richard Scott Braddock was born 4-30-1944, Bahia, Brazil
Daniel Mc Braddock III was born 5-23-1956

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