Robertson Family Bible

Robertson Family Bible

Wilmore's New Analytical Reference Bible,
J. A. Wilmore and Co. , 1893

Contributed by
Nathan Knight

Notes: This bible was orginally owned by Mary Evaline (Anthony) Robertson (1848-1932). She gave the Bible to her daughter Nellie (Robertson) Collier, who gave it to her daughter Nellie Mai (Collier) Strother, who gave it to her grandson Nathan Knight who currently ownes it.

The exact family notes as written are as follows: [additional information is in brackets.]


J. W. [James Wesley] Robertson was born Aug. 8th 1838June 13, 1906
Mary E. [Eveline (Anthony)] Robertson was born June 8th 1848 April 1, 1932
were married Oct. 27, 1868 by Elder Stalker


Names Born Married Died
Eugene Jan. 15, 1870   Dec. 26th, 1885
Maggie Oct.10, 1871 To Marshall Dugger, Sept 20, 1896 Maggie died Nov. 4th
James Nov.10, 1873 Nov, 1930 to Susie Greer Sept. 19th 1959
Eva Jan.24, 1875   April 29th, 1909
Ada Aug.30, 1877 To Philip Watkins, Aug. 2, 1905 8-Apr-63
Josiah Oct. 30, 1879 Oct. 16, 1915 Oct. 21st
Nellie Dec. 20, 1881 To Tom Collier Feb. 3, 1904
Alice Dec. 7, 1883 Dec. & [Charles Holland] 7th, 1957  
Edwin and   May 5, 1885 Edwin died Sept. 26, 1885
Rosa   [May 5, 1885] Rosa died 25 January 1932
John June 24, 1886    
Mattie Crump May 27, 1889 [ _ Palmer, _ Wilmont]  


Graham Anthony Collier was born June 10th, 1906
James Everett Collier was born June 17th, 1908
Ira Thomas Collier was born Aug. 19th, 1910
Nellie Mai Collier was born Jan. 5th, 1913
John David Collier was born April 26th, 1919
[These are the children of Thomas Vines Collier (1881-1973) and Nellie (Robertson) Collier (1881-1971)]

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