Reddick Family Bible

Reddick Family Bible

American Bible Society
New York, 1857

Transcribed and Submitted
Lowell Glen Brown, 1998

NOTE: This Bible started out as the family Bible of James Eli Reddick and his wife Armine A. Robertson. A daughter Mary Ann Samantha Reddick married Ellis Luther Kirkham and the Bible was handed down to her. It was later handed down to their daughter Sophia T. Kirkham who married Francis Milton Hodges thus it has records of all three families. Spelling and wording will appear just as it was in the original.

James E. Reddick was born September 29, 1818
Armine A. Reddick was born Jan 2, 1816
James P. Reddick was born September 26 AD 1843
Lettisha A. Reddick was born December 11 AD 1844
Dosha C. R. Reddick was born October 25 AD 1848
Emily Louise Reddick was born December 26 AD 1852
Mary Ann Samantha Reddick was born January 20 AD 1857
Husten T. Reddick was born February 26 AD 1859

Elles L. Kirkham was born March the 29 AD 1864
Samantha Kirkham was born January the 20 AD 1857
Sophia T.Kirkham was born Febuary the 19 AD 1886
Obra W. Kirkham was born June the 2 AD 1891
Clifford Richard Kirkham June 7th 1919<>
Francis Milton Hodges was born November the 14th 1883
Florence M. Hodges was born January the 13 AD 1906
Annie E. Hodges was born May the 28 AD 1909
Mit Gloston Hodges was born January the 7 AD 1912
Astor Hodges was born July the 6 AD 1913
Tenny Mildred Hodges was born April the 7 AD 1917
R.L. Hodges was born Aug the 26th AD 1919
Warren G. Hodges was born Mat the 4 1923
Noah Brown was born Feb 20 AD 1907
James Melvin Brown was born Sep 23 AD 1929

James E. Reddick and Armine A Robertson were married July the 26, 1842
S.T. Reddick and D.C. Reddick were married March 29, 1870
James P. Reddick and S. J. Durham were married Jan 25, 1872
Elles L. Kirkham and Mary Ann S. Reddick were married March the 11 1883
F. Milton Hodges and Sophia T. Kirkham was married December the 11 AD
Obra W. Kirkham and Susie Freeland were married AD December the. 20.
James H. Casteel and Annie Elluvia Hodges was maried Apr 19 1925
Noah Brown and Florence M. Hodges were married Dec 25 AD 1928
Clifford Richard Kirkham married Selma Henson Aug 21-1943
Obra W. Kirkham and Daphana Jane Kelly were married Feb. 19th 1944

William Robertson departed this life Oct the 6. 1854
Emily L. Reddick departed this life August the 17 1856
Hauston T. Reddick departed this life August 12 AD 1861
James E. Reddick departed this life August the 16 1875
Armine A. Reddick departed this life July the 5. 1887
James P. Reddick departed this life, December, the, 19, 1893
Lettisha A Reddick departed this life September the 12 AD 1896
Lillie Reddick departed this life December the 18 AD 1900

Elles L. Kirkham departed this life Octo the 23/ AD. 1905 41 years 6
month 25 Days.
Mary B. Hodges departed this life July 3, 1907
Mit Glouston Hodges departed this life Apr 2 1922
Mary Ann Samantha Kirkham departed this life July 30 9 oclock AM 1912
age 56 years six month ten days.
Infant of Milton Hodges departed this life Apr 2 1922.
James Melvin Brown departed this life Sep 23 AD 1929
F. Milton Hodges departed this life Nov 23rd AD 1930
Mary Susan Freeland Kirkham passed away Sept. 12th 1954 at 6:55 AM age
66 yrs. & five days.
Obra Wheeler Kirkham passed away Aug. 2nd, 1962 at 6:AM (Thu.) 71 years,
and Two Months.
Sophia T. Hodges departed this life Jan 23 AD 1964
Daphana Kirkham passed away Feb 23 at 8-40 AM 1977 age 81 years.

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