The Pursley Bible

The Pursley Bible

Transcribed and Submitted
Dolores and Gordon Miltenberger


D O Pursley was borned 4th Dec 1807 (This was Daniel Oglesby Pursley)
Elizabeth M Pursley was borned July 21st 1813 (Wife of D O Pursley)
Emilia C Pursley was borned 10th November 1834 (daughter of D. O.& E. M.)
Noel M Pursley was borned January 1st 1838
Mary Ann Pursley was borned 22nd of Feb 1840
David W Pursley was borned 22nd of April 1842
William A Pursley was borned 20th of Nov 1845
Noel M Pursley son of Arnett & Blanche borned Aug the 24th 1875
Armine P Pursley Born August the 13 1977
Sarah Blanche Pursley was born Jane 1 1904
Sarah was the daughter of Noel and Perdia
William Paul Pursley , Born Dec 24 1914
Children of Noel & Perdia Pursley


Gabriel E Pursley died May 4th 1833 aged 27 years
Elizabeth Pursley died June 19th 1837 aged 54 years (2nd wife of David)
David Pursley died April 2nd 1842 aged 74 years (He was from Ireland)
Margaret Tucker died Sep 1843 aged 28 years
Patty or Martha Jane Pursley died April 15 1854 aged 14 years
Halems house burned January 19th 1857
Robert Pursley died July 5th 1847
Mary Clarke died June 26th 1861, aged 52 years
James Pursley died July 24th 1862
Jane Harper died March 1863
Halem L. Pursley died July 18th 1866
Noel M Pursley died July 31st 1873
W. Y. Pursley died July 31st 1873
Millie C Franklin died Aug 14th 1873
Ephraim Pursley died May 20 1876
E G Pursley died Dec 15th 1876
W B Pursley died May 16th 1880
Armine Pursley died Nov 8th 1880 aged 3 years and 2 mo
James C Pursley died Feb 25th 1887 aged 18 years and 3 mo 10 da
D O Pursley died May 22 1890 aged 82 years
Elizabeth M Pursley died Nov the 3 1888
W A Pursley Died Sept 19th 1925 age 80 years
Blanche Burton Pursley Died Aug 17, 1919 age 67
Noel M Pursley died Jun 14, 1934 age 58 years 10 mo
Daniel Arnette Pursley died Jan 4th 1945
David Wilson Pursley died July 26th 1936 age 94 years 3 mo 4 dy


Ned was borned 1816
Nice was borned 1823
Malia was borned 1842
Barry was borned January 6 1846
Rhody was borned Aug 15th 1850
Halem died Aug 24 1857
Silvy was borned Dec 14th 1859
Brison January 26th 1857
Andy was borned Dec 1861
H Jeff was borned March 1862
Robin Bo borned 1824
George was borned 1841
BOON was borned June 4th 1844
John was borned Apl 15th 1849
Halem was borned Apl 28th 1853
Wilson was borned Feb 1855
Ed was borned Dec 1860
Jeff was borned March 1862
Bob was born 1864

(Note: These slaves were property of D. O. Pursley)

David Pursley, father of D. O. Pursley, is though to be from Ireland.

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