Bob Carter and ???

Unidentified Men

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Angela Graves

Bob Carter and ???

Bob Carter and ???

The following photo was given to me by my grandfather, Sterling Perry (living). The pics belonged to my great-grandmother, Bessie (Carter) Perry of Scottsville, Ky. and my great-great grandmother, Mary Elizabeth (Conyers) Carter of Sumner Co., Tn. and Scottsville, Ky. Unfortunately, I am not sure if the people in the photos are Carters or Conyers; and I am not sure if they are from Allen Co. or Sumner, Co.

This photo only says Bob Carter on the back. A neice has stated that this is indeed her uncle, Robert "Bob" Wilson Carter. Bob was the son of Benjamin Carter and his second wife, Lucinda O'Neal. As far as the neice knows, Bob never married, so the other 2 men are unknown. If this is truly Bob Carter, he was born in Sumner Co., Tn. Sept. 26, 1878 and died April 2, 1940. He is buried at New Hope Cemetery.

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