Cottontown School Children circa 1922

Cottontown School Children
Circa 1922

Submitted by Nathan Knight
© 2000


Cottontown School Children around 1922

Cottontown Schoolhouse ca 1922

Front row, left to right: Lucille Kirk, Hester Brown, Cidy Rigsby, Mercedes Cummings, Helen Spurlock, Martha Frances Warren, Martha Strother, Louise Hoy, Pauline Shaw, Edith Simpson, _____ Simpson, Mable Kelley

Second Row (starting behind Lucille Kirk): unknown, Lucille Hall, unknown, Basil Gregory, Earl Collins, unknown, Tip Rogers, unknown, unknown, and Odell Coward

Third row: James Shaw (wearing white shirt and standing on his knees), Lonzo Bursby, John Bursby, _____ Collins, Ovie Bursby, Redempter Bursby, Milton Brown, "Slick" Hinton, Earl Sadler, Johnny Leggett, James Strother, unknown, Woody Kelley, _____ Collins, John T. Strother, and Lottie Hinton. Behind the above James Shaw is Harold Dugger

Fourth row (standing): unknown, _____ Rigsby, Sue Strother, Lucy Margaret Pitt, Dede Stone, Myrtle Mae Shaw, Leah Kirk, Ora Shaw, Pauline Coward, Miss Alma Kirk (teacher), Walter Leggett Jr., Miss Gertrude, Paul Kirk?, Herman Strother, Earl Rogers, Frank Baker, Ed Hoy, Mitchell Cothron, and Howard Hoy

Fifth row: Walter Kelley, Mack Vaughn, Paul Kirk?, unknown, John Alva "Red" Strother, _____ Collins, Mrs. Gregory (wife of Mr. Herbert Gregory), Herman Gregory (son of Herbert Gregory), Mr. Herbert Gregory (teacher), William Stout, Bill Simpson, Bill Shaw, _____ Kirk, _____ Leggett, Claude Strother, Don Stone, Irwin Dorris, Marshall Bursby, and Owen Strother

Back row: unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Mattie Carr, Willie Hassell, _____ Kirk, Vada Spurlock, _____ Perdue, Edna Stone, Mable Cothron, Ruthie Mae Leggett, _____ Conyer, "Hady" Jones, Maybelle Hinton, unknown, and _____Coward

If any others can be identified, please contact the submitter.

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