Buffalo School

Photograph of
Buffalo School Children
around 1936-1937

Submitted by
Jean Adcock

Buffalo School Children

The Buffalo School is located on Phillips Hollow Road. Up until the mid-1950's, children in grades
1-8 were taught here. Teachers at the Buffalo School included Betty Lou Henson, Ruth King, Ruth Law, Mrs. Cleo Brown, Kermit Cornwell, Virgie Bracken Hammock, Mildred Bryant, and a Mr. Jones.

In the old days, parents were responsible for buying books for their children which usually were passed down to younger siblings as they started school.

The school itself was a long frame building that featured many windows which provided the only lighting children and teachers would have. Teachers were responsible for keeping the school house clean and for stoking the wood stove during the winter months.

Row 1: unknown, T.C. Eden, Louise Knight (Templeton), Wilma Bell, Dorthy Suddath

Row 2: Lloyd Loftis, David Gregory, unknown, Meedy Ann Love, Willie Ann Suddath, Frances Henson (Perry), Virginia Curtis

Row 3: Cary Meador Carter, Johnny Lofits, Ruby Jewel Anderson, Grace Eden, Effie Eden (Adcock).

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