Sumner County, TN Poor House Records

Sumner County, TN Poor House Records
1849 - 1850

Transcribed by Joyce Stark Blocker

Sumner County Archives, Loose Records: Misc: Poorhouse Occupants 1840 - 1849, #184.

Annual Report of Sumner Poor House
      To the Worshipful County Court containing the amount of expenses that have accrued from the first of January 1849 up to the first of January 1850 which is $421.00 the Average No. 14-1/2 and average price per head $ 29.00
The No. on hand fourteen; nine Males & five Females

Levi Davis aged 66 healthy tho unable to work.
Reubin Forister 61 Partley Deranged Cant work
Saml Mabry 70 - a Cripple not able to work.
William Wood 87 Worn out with old age.
Hardy Clifton 71 entirely blind.
Hacky Jopes 88 hearty tho cant work
Peter Robertson 45 not very bright, can work but dont love it.
Charles Cassedy 68 cant walk his hips out of joint.
Dorcas Carman 55 Deformed in hand & foot & very lazy
Phebe May 82 in good health yet past work.
Sarah Northam 84 - in bad health
Margaret Mabry 69 in good health can work some.
Negro Thamer 70 Entirely blind.

      The property on hand the first day of January 1850 is one good sorrel mare seven head cattle, about thirty head hogs, Nine feather beds & furniture. The crop raised on the farm 1849 about 70 or 75 Barrels Corn. Thirteen bushels wheat with oats for fodder Suddicient to support the place with a good crop of potatoes & cabbage, also 1850 lbs of Pork.
                Jos. Smith Agent
                of Sumner County Poor House

      We the Commissioners of Sumner County Poor House having this day examined the within Report which has been exhibited to us by Joseph Smith Agent for the Poor House and from the statements herein to be correct and true. Given from under our hands this the 31st day of December 1849.

                Levi ______
                Thos C. Douglass

Since the within ____ was made out there has been 1 Death in the famiy, and the expenses of burying D id $7.50 which makes the average Amt per head about 51 cents more

                Jos. Smith Agt

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