Sumner County, TN Poor House Records

Sumner County, TN Poor House Records
1840 - 1841

Transcribed by Joyce Stark Blocker

Sumner County Archives, Loose Records: Misc: Poorhouse Occupants 1840 - 1849, #184.

Annual Report of Sumner County Poor House to the Worshipful County Court of Sumner, with the amount of expenses that have accrued for the year 1840. And the condition of said Institution & Expenses from the first day of January 1840 to the first day of January 1841. $380.63

The average number of paupers the year 1840 is 11-1/2 Makes the average price per head $33.09

The number of paupers on hand the first day of January 1841 only Eight, 3 Males and 4 Females.

John Patton about 66 years of age - Can work
Levi Davis 57 years of age - works little
Charles Bratton 52 years old in bad health.
Elizabeth Law (or Lane ?) 64 years old Helpless
Nancy Whalen about 41 years old - has fits
Dorcas Carman about 25 years old Deformed
Little girl Mary Hodges 4 years of age
Negro woman Tamar about 61 years old blind

     Their has been raised on the farm at Sumner Poor House the year 1840 about 60 or 70 Barrels of Corn, 1325 pounds pork and 20 Bushels wheat oats & fodder sufficient to support the place.
     I do certify that this is a correct and true statement of said Institution. Given from under my hand this 1 day of January 1841.
                Jos. Smith, Acting
                Agent for sd Poor House

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