Sumner County, TN Poor House Records

Sumner County, TN Poor House Records
1839 - 1840

Transcribed by Joyce Stark Blocker

Sumner County Archives, Loose Records: Misc: Poorhouse Occupants 1840 - 1849, #184.

The Amount of Expenses that has accrued at Sumner County Poor House from the first day of January 1839 to the first day of Jany 1840 - $317.43
           The average No of Paupers the same year - 9
The No. of Paupers at said Poor House on the first day of Jany 1840 - 16
Six Males & Ten Females.

William Fortune 93 years old - Cant Work
Susan Shewcraft 75 years old - Past Work
John Patton about 65 years old - Able to work
Levi Davis 57 years old - Past Work.
Charles Bratton 52 years old - In bad health.
Catherine Ellis 84 years old - Past work.
Elizabeth Law (or Lane ?) 63 years old - Helpless
Elandar Mandral 54 years old - Can work
Nancy Whalin upwards of 40 years old - has fits
Dorcas Carman upwards of 20 years old - Deformed
Nancy Hodges 28 years old - Afflicted past work.
          And small Daughter with her 3 years old.
Betsy White 20 years old has chills & Able to work.
          A small son with her - 2 years old
Mary Ann Mandral 18 years old - Stout hearty healthy & Able to work.
Thamar Negro woman about 60 years old - blind & left friendless.

A sufficient quantity of corn has been raised at the Poor House every year to support the place ever since it went into operation. A sufficient quantity of Pork raised to supply the Poor House last year and a very good supply for the present year.
                Jos. Smith Agent
                for said Poor House

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