Sumner County, TN Poor House Records

Sumner County, TN Poor House Records

Transcribed by Diane Payne

Sumner County Archives, Loose Records: Misc: County Farm Inmates 1890, #185.

Oct 6, 1890
      We the undersigned commissioners of Sumner County Poor house beg leave to make our report for the year 1890.       We employed James Kirk to superintend the County farm and inmates at one hundred and eight dollars per year. We also employed his son as a farm hand at eight dollars per month. We further agree to board Kirk and family with the exception of his sugar and coffee.

Inmates at Poor house

Rachel Boyles age 61 years Idiotic
Thomas Glover age 45 years Idiotic
Fanny Hesson age 35 years Epileptic
Susan May age 55 years Idiotic
A. Partaire? age 90 years Feeble
John May age 70 years Feeble
Enos Harper age 72 years Feeble
Thomas May age 36 years Idiot
Jane May age 33 years Cook
Susie May age 8 years
Fanny May age 1 year
Wm Foster age 55 years Paralyzed

Total Whites 12

Colored inmates
Claricy Patterson age 30 years Idiot
Milton Young age 20 years Cripple
Peter Baber age 107 years Feeble
Araminta Cothran age 70 years Idiot
Susan Whitaker age 25 years Cripple
Wm Slaughter age 20 years Cripple and epileptic
George Rodgers age 50 Idiotic
Richard Chambers 70 Blind
Total colored 8

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