Matthew and Nancy Webb Perdue Family

Matthew and Nancy WEBB PERDUE Family

Submitted by Janet Perdue King

Matthew was born in Franklin Co., VA to Meshack PERDUE and Eleanor DILLON. Matthew's birthdate varies from census to census but it's likely he was among the youngest - born ca 1800.

Matthew received from his father two negro girls and $600.00 in cash before leaving Virginia. He moved to Tennessee with brothers Asa and Luke and several of their cousins. The group traveled thru the Cumberland Gap, across Kentucky and down into Tennessee - a trip of over 400 miles - a few came in wagons pulled by oxen - the majority walked.

Matthew married to Nancy WEBB on the 2nd of January 1820 in Sumner Co., TN - Nancy was twenty and had been born in Virginia. Nancy and Elizabeth WEBB - wife of Asa PERDUE - were in all likelihood sisters. Matthew and Nancy are not listed in the 1820 census of Sumner County but could be the male and female between 16yrs and 26yrs living with Asa. Matthew was an associate of Theophilus WEBB besides being bondsman to his marriage to Rebecca STEPHENS in 1829, they witnessed the Will of Samuel ALLEY together in 1835. Theophilus WEBB is believed to have been a brother of Nancy and Elizabeth.

Matthew was listed on the 1821 tax list for Sumner County owning no property - in 1830 he was taxed on 163 acres of land. Matthew's land lay along Corinth Road in the vicinity of brother Luke. In July 1847 Matthew purchased 193 acres of land from his brother Asa. Asa was involved in a lawsuit with William DENNING and this transfer was questioned as an attempt to protect Asa's property if judgement was found against him.

In 1860, Matthew's real estate was valued at $1600 and his personal property in excess of $11,000 - he owned 14 slaves.

Matthew Green - the youngest of Matthew and Nancy's children - was arrested by the United States Government. The reason for the arrest was not given but it is likely he was part of a guerilla band made up from Sumner County residents who waged a war against the Northern Army of Occupation. On the 20th of February 1863, Matthew PERDUE and his nephew Daniel Green PERDUE posted a thousand dollar bond for his parole. Daniel Green Perdue was a known successionist and was himself arrested the following year - 1864.

Matthew died before 1870 without a Will. His widow - Nancy was seventy years old living with her grandson John PERDUE and his new wife Rosa Bell MORTON in the 1870 census of Sumner County. John was renting the farm - perhaps from his grandmother. Nancy died before 1880. Matthew and Nancy's place of buriel is unknown.

1-- Matthew PERDUE (1800-1870) Franklin Co., VA 
  sp-Nancy WEBB (1800-1880) Virginia
       2-- Emilia Milly PERDUE (1823-1888) Sumner Co., TN
        sp-Mumford MARTIN (1818-1901) Virginia
       2-- Sarah E. PERDUE (1824-?) Sumner Co., TN
        sp- William BRADLEY
       2-- Thomas L. S. PERDUE (1827-1895) Sumner Co., TN
        sp-Martha Ann NEAL (1827-1884) Sumner Co., TN
        sp-Louisa C. WILKERSON (1839-1924) Tennessee
       2-- Mary Ann PERDUE (1830-?) Sumner Co., TN
        sp-Francis S. DORRIS 
       2-- Susan Frances PERDUE (1834-1907) Sumner Co., TN
        sp-William M. DORRIS (1830-1912) Sumner Co., TN
       2-- Nancy E.E. PERDUE (1835-1884) Sumner Co., TN
        sp- Thomas W. LINK (1835-1910) Tennessee
       2-- Martha W. PERDUE (1837-1878) Sumner Co., TN
        sp-William PIRKLE (1836-?) Kentucky
       2-- Mathew A. Green PERDUE (1841-1906) Sumner Co., TN
        sp-Mary E. LINK (1842-1919) Sumner Co., TN

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