Asa Perdue Family

Asa Perdue and Elizabeth Webb Family

Submitted by Janet Perdue King

Asa Perdue was the son of Meshack and Eleanor Dillon Perdue - maybe their firstborn? Asa had two older brothers Zachariah and John but according to tradition they were from an earlier marriage. Asa's birth in 1785, some ten years after John's, suggest this was possible.

Asa married Elizabeth Webb in Franklin Co., Va on the 10th of January 1813. Elizabeth was born ca 1792 probably in Franklin County, VA. - her parents are unknown. Several Webb families lived along the Blackwater River in the same neighborhood as Perdues.

On the 16th of September 1813, Asa entered the service under William Pepper's Company of Riflemen for six months service. He was granted a sick furlough on the 20th of September 1813 for twenty days. Asa rejoined the company in Norfolk, Virginia on the 3rd of January 1814 - 360 miles from Franklin County. He was discharged the 12th of March 1814.

Asa received six hundred dollars in cash and two negro boys - his share of Meshack's estate. Accompanied by brothers Luke and Matthew, Asa moved to Sumner County, TN ca 1818. In 1820 he was taxed on 200 acres of land on Sulphur Fork of Drakes Creek. Asa built and operated a horse powered flour mill, the first of it's kind in Sumner County. Both his father and grandfather had been millwrights in Virginia. The Martin Community located three miles north of Sengtown (formerly Perdue), Tennessee was built around Asa's early settlement.

On the 23rd of January 1828, Jesse Skeen went to the acting Justice of the Peace for Sumner County and made the following oath......."that he has just cause to believe that he is in danger of his life, personal body or property or family, being beaten, killed or abused by Asa Perdue". Asa was arrested and taken into custody. According to the lawsuit, troubles had begun three years earlier over a failed "fish trap partnership" and a "run away pig". Daniel Perdue, Asa's brother, posted bond for Jesse Skeen - the brothers were having their differences as well. Asa countersued saying...."the said Jesse Skeen contriving and maliciosly intending to injure the said Perdue in his good name, fame and credit and to vilify him into publick scandel and infamy and degrade and to cause him the said Perdue to be imprisoned for a long space of time and thereby to improverish, oppress and wholly ruin him". Asa won the countersuit and Jesse Skeen filed an appeal. Descendents of Asa say he was short tempered and usually carried a gun.

Asa and Elizabeth had six children and according to tradition gave each one a farm. They had only one son to reach majurity - Theophilus W. Perdue. He joined Company I of the 30th Tennessee Infantry of the Confederate Army on the 22nd of November 1861 at Tyree Springs, Tennessee for 11 months. The Company was sent to the defense of Fort Donelson which fell to Union forces February of 1862. The only entry for Theophilus shows him absent without leave. In 1866 Asa Perdue deeded 971/2 acres of land to the "children of my son Theophilus Perdue". A memorial was erected by descendent of Theophilus in the Asa Perdue Cemetary.

At present, Asa Perdue's house and a portion of his estate are owned and occupied by descendents. Elizabeth died the 13th of April 1861. Asa died intestate before 1880. Both are buried in the family cemetary - their graves marked with field stones.

1--Asa PERDUE (1785-1880) Franklin Co., VA
 sp-Elizabeth WEBB (1792-1861) Virginia
      2--Amelia "Milly" PERDUE (1813-1860) Franklin Co., VA
       sp-Joseph STEPHENS (1800-1838) Virginia 
      2--Mary "Polly" PERDUE (1817-1910) Franklin Co., VA
       sp-Alvin G. PRESCOTT (1815-1853) Sumner Co., TN
      2--Nancy W. PERDUE (1818-1900) Sumner Co., TN
       sp-Reason W. PERDUE (1820-1887) Franklin Co., VA
      2--Elizabeth "Betty" PERDUE (1821- ?) Sumner Co., TN
       sp-William C. KEPLEY (1797-1880) Davidson Co., NC
      2--Theophilus W. PERDUE (1828-1870) Sumner Co., TN
       sp-Emily Jane BUTT (1833-?) Allen Co., KY
      2--Rebecca E. PERDUE (1836-1910) Sumner Co., TN
       sp-Thomas Carroll HUNTER (1832-1900) 

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