The Andrew Jackson Pearson Bible

The Andrew Jackson Pearson Bible

Sue Pearson Carpenter
5468 Smith Road
Floyd Knobs, IN 47119

Note from Sue Pearson Carpenter: This information was found in the Bible of Andrew Jackson Pearson, who married and lived in Sumner Co., TN before moving to KY about 1870. I have included the description of the bible and anything written in the Bible. When I first saw the Bible, it had a lock of hair in it, which I was told belonged to my father. I later learned from someone who knew the previous holder of the Bible many years ago that this lock of hair belonged to Carrie Hollis Pearson. Andrew Jackson Pearson was the first husband of Caroline "Carrie" Hollis. They were married in Sumner County, TN and lived there until the early 1870's.

On the fly leaf of the Bible is entered at the top right corner:

A. J. Pearson
bought August 15, 1860
price $3.00

The Bible is large and about 9 by 12 inches. The cover was brown and has been restored recently. Some of the books of the Bible are missing and it is only about three inches thick. The Record Page is in the middle of the Bible and some entries are illegible. The page was laminated when the Bible was rebound and extra pages were put in. The Record Page has entries on both sides of the page.

Some entries were made after the death of A. J. Pearson, probably by his second wife, Carrie Hollis Pearson. The Bible was handed down to the youngest son, William Nesbit Pearson, and after the death of William and his wife, Fannie, it was given to a grandson of the oldest son of Will and Fannie Pearson.


containing the

Old and New Testaments

Translated out of the original tongues,
With the former translations diligently compared and revised.

The Text is the Standard of the American Bible Society

Published by T. J. Collins, Jr.
NO. 8 North Sixth Street


Dates from the A. J. Pearson Bible

A. J. Pearson and M.J. Pearson was married 22 September 1859
A. J. Pearson and Carrie Hollis was married 18 June 1868
W. N. Pearson and Fannie M. Logan Sept 16, 1892
J. A. Pearson and Mattie McLemore was married November 22, 1900
Carl Pearson and Hattie Ritchey married December 2, 1913
William Howard Pearson was born March 11, 1922
Harold Ritchey Pearson was born March 15, 1922
A. J. Pearson was bornd the 4th of September 1836
M. J. Pearson was born the 9th of November 1840
Caroline M. Pearson was born August 7 , 1843
Dora A. Pearson was bornd the 7th of February 1861
Boy Pearson was bornd January the 25, 1863
Joseph L. Pearson was bornd September the 13, 1864
Mary Jackson Pearson was bornd Dec the 22, 1865
Thomas F. Pearson was born Nov 7, 1867
Hattie Frances Pearson was born January 21, 1919
Redding Pearson, the father of A. J. Pearson was bornd1 December, 1815

NOTE: This page is in bad condition and writing is on both sides of the page. All other pages were left blank.

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(Note: Carrie Hollis Pearson Was a daughter of Elizabeth Frances Smith who was the daughter of Joseph Smith.)

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