Cooper School Photo

Cooper School, 1936

Submitted by
Dave Smith

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Cooper School was located about 2 miles west of Westmoreland. It closed around 1937, when it was merged into Westmoreland High School. This was my Fathers school picture. He is Fred Dwight Smith, shown on the bottom row far right in the dark sweatshirt. He was able to name the majority of the persons shown here. He was about 8 years old at the time. The names are phonetic so some spellings may be wrong.

Top Row - Teacher Evelyn Hanna, Betty Jean Smith, Ruby Henson, Annie "Blanch" Coley, Ruby Coley, Wilma Robinson, Salma Henson, William "Dickie" Smith, Edgar Trout, Teacher Carlin Fykes.

Middle Row - Lois Dean Slayton, Francis Slayton, Evelyn Trout, Annie R. Keys, Sadie Trout, Mildred Henson, Robert Lee Trout, Oscar Harrison Perry, Leo? Huntsman, Tommy Coates, Bryson Trout

Front Row - Carl Slayton, Clyde Trout, Fred Durham, Pauline Shepherd, Maxine Smith, Hollis Trout, Joe Barber Jr., Cordell Henson, Earl Shepherd, Paul A. "Umpty" Trout, Fred Dwight Smith.

Less than positive on Oscar Harrison Perry. Dad remembers him as Oscar Perry but the picture has him listed as Oscar Harrison. The name of the Huntsman boy is hard to read...could be Leo or Gus. The Shepherd names were hard to make out also. Could be Shelpherd instead. I think the rest of the information is pretty solid.

William Smith was my fathers brother who died in an accident in the mid 1950s. They were the children of SD Smith and Amy Myrtle Holmes Smith. Wilma Robinson was the daughter of Edgar Robinson, and was their first cousin.

My father and his parents (along with many others from Sumner Co) moved to Indianapolis around 1939.

My dad said the Huntsman boy had his hand blown off when he found a blasting cap, but he couldn't remember his first name.

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