Old Brooks School House Photo

Old Brooks School House

Submitted by
Billy Woodall

The School was located at the corner of Fowler Ford Rd. & Opossum Rd., in Portland, TN
Photo taken approximately 1917

List of Students

Row #1: Jennie Lee Crouch, Agnes Crouch, Larue Webb, Ruby Kirkham, Herschel Caniday, Lewis Hunter, Aubrey Kirkham

Row #2: Harold Butts, Beatrice Bradley, Vernon Perdue, Katie Gross, Olin Bradley, Tommy Atwood, James Atwood, Margariute Hunter Grubbs, Samuel M. Woodall, Bob Taylor Whitson, Erskine Parker, Audrey Parker, Lantis Webb, Cloria Bradley Parker

Row #3: Dorothy Taylor Ausbrooks, Sam Dobbs, Douglas Whitson, Lovetta Hunter Pryor, Donna Kirkham Bennett, Eugene Webb, Alene Parker (Ryans), Letha Browning, Ballard Webb, Leslie Parker

Row #4: Harold Caniday, Zecie Whitson, Essie Gross, Daisy Cantrell, Floyd Kirkham, Harry Kirkham, Lizette Woodall Hester, Harvey Whitson, Viola Whitson, Marie Legion, Margie Knight, Pearl Webb, Odell Bennett, Edwin Ferguson

Back Row: Paul Legion, Curtis Webb, Robbie Whiting, Hazel Whitson-Piper, Trixie Knight, Vallie Kirkham, James Roy Woodall, Nellie Atwood, Helen Whitson-Martin, Velma Parker, Burt Bennett-Wilson, William Clyde Woodall, Anna Lou Baskerville-Law

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