Brackentown School Photo, 1914

Brackentown School

Submitted by
Janet Perdue King

This photo of Brackentown School was sent to me by Nancy Hagelgan. She believes it was taken in 1914. The children named belonged to JOHN HENRY PERDUE except for Lillian Katherine Kent who was his step daughter.

2nd row from bottom left to right
#3 ERMA PERDUE (born 7 Jan 1904 Sumner Co., TN)
#5 EDNA EARL PERDUE (born 19 April 1907 Sumner Co., TN)
#11 SELMER LEE PERDUE "next to boy on end of row" (born 17 March 1905 Sumner Co., TN)

3rd row from bottom left to right
#3 LILLIAN KATHERINE KENT (born 1902 Sumner Co., TN to Andrew Kent and Nancy Elizabeth McClanahan Kent Perdue)

5th row from bottom left to right
#1 MOLLIE DEBORAH PERDUE (born 1888 Sumner Co., TN)

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