Mt. Vernon UMC List of Ministers

Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church
List of Ministers

Contributed by Edith Martin Young
Transcribed by Danene Vincent
© August 1, 1999.

This is a transcription of the listing of ministers found in the membership register for Mt. Vernon Methodist Episcopal Church, South -- now Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church. The early records appear to have been recorded by the ministers. Later records were recorded by Gertrude Simpson Martin, mother of Edith Martin Young. The recording of ministers names ended sometime after 1960. Mrs. Young provided the more recent names of ministers.

The register had two lists of names. The names in the first table were recorded on the left-hand page, while the second table shows the listing found on the right-hand page.

Left-Hand Page

Last Name First Name Year Began
Rookes J. W. Nov 18, 1888
Rookes J. W. Oct. 1889
Pitts J. J. Oct. 1890
Moaney A. A. Oct. 1891
Rice J. S. or J. G. Oct. 1892
Rice J. S. or J. G. Oct. 1893
Baird W. H. Oct. 1894
Allison J. A. Oct. 1896
Saunders J. M. Oct. 1899
Hart M. T. Oct. 1901
Ewing A. J. Oct. 1902
Taylor G. W. Oct. 1903
Taylor G. W. Oct. 1904
Parrish G. W. 1905
Hewgley J. D. 1907
Baggett J. F. 1909
Springer W. F. 1911
Clark T. J. October 1, 1913
McCord E. R. 1915
McCord E. R. 1916
Henley John S. 1917
Keathley S. M. 1918
Cook W. T. S. 1919
Parsons J. F. 1921
Brown J. F. 1923
Hudgens E. F. 1925
Kelly J. M. 1927

Right-Hand Page

Last Name First Name Year Began Year Ended
Kelley John W. 1927 1930
Armstrong W. L. 1930 1931
Kelly John W. 1931 1934
Thomas W. E. 1934 1937
Ensor S. M. 1937 1939
Lane D. H. 1939 1943
McCord E. R. 1943 1946
Parsons Hugh 1946 1948
Blankenship Floyd 1948 1952
Moore J. H. 1952 Jul-54
Belew C. H. 1954 1956
Trotter J. E. 1956 1958
Napier Marnie 1958 1960
Owen W. D. 1960  
Abrams Louie    
Miller E. T.    
Gatlin G. W.    
Street Kenneth    
Minness Mark    
Wallace Charles T.    
Lindsey Russell E. Jun-84  
Trammel Paul 1987  
Corey Charles 1988  
Gaines Erwin 1992  
??? Dr.    
Potts Michael 1998  

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