Morris Family Bible

Morris Family Bible

Submitted by Roland Bauer

Note: Written across the top of the pages is the following verse:

"Remember Me, When This You See
Though In This World, I May Not Be."

Alfred G. Morris was born June 11, 1832 (d. 1903)*see note
Surlina A. Morris was born March 12, 1832 (d. abt. 1873)

A. G. and S. A. Morris was married Dec. the 28, 1850

Samuel P. Morris was born Oct the 7, 1852 (d. Nov 1875)

David P. Morris was born Feb the 8, 1854 (d. Oct 1855)

Octavy C. Morris was born Oct 8th, 1856
Martha E. Morris was born Jan the 19, 1860
Mary F(annie) Morris was born March the 20, 1862
Anna A(ddie) Morris was born March the 30, 1872

A. G. Morris and Luisa J. Smith married July the 25, 1875

James H. Morris was born Feb the 26, 1878 (d. 1896)
Charley C. Morris was born Aug the 23, 1880
Alfred D. Morris was born March the 16, 1883
Eddie and Freddie was born Sept the 26, 1886
Pearle C. Morris was born Feb 16, 1891
Myrtle Morris was born May 30th, 1893

*The year of death has been added.
Interesting to note that the birth year of Jane Morris is not recorded in the Bible. Jane died in 1932.

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