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Company K
Second Regiment Roll

Contributed by DeAnne A. Shelley

The following civil war record comes from TSL&A
Microfilm #81 Historical Records Project,
Official Project No. 65-44-1499. Copied
under Work's Progress Administration, June 20, 1936

Company K Second Regiment Roll

The following record was copied from the original paper of Col. A. R. Wynne of Castalian Springs, Tennessee, who had sons enlisted in the Confederate Army. This paper is at present owned by a grandson of Col. Wynne, Goerge Wynne, who lives at the original home of Col. Wynne in the old log house, at Castalian Springs, about 8 miles East of Gallatin, Tennessee.

Roll of Company K. (Sumner Greys) second Regiment of Tennessee Volunteers, mustered into service of the Confederate States at Lynchburg, Virginia, May 13, 1861.

Humphrey Bate, Capt. Rich Wynne, 2nd. Serg.
Scott Davis, 1st Lieut.
P. B. Swaney, 3rd Serg.
T. P. Thompson, 2d. Lieut.
P. S. Youree, 4th. Serg.
H. Chenault, 3d. Lieut.
J. W. Roberson, 2d. Cor.
C. B. Rogan, 1st. Serg.
J. Crenshaw, 3rd. Cor.
J. W. Wiseman, 4th. Cor.

Anglea, Durrett B.
Alexander, Richard
Bate, James H.
Bate, Humphrey H.
Bentley, Andrew J.
Bird, Mathew L.
Boren, James M.
Branham, John T.
Bryson, George G.
Burton, James
Carr, William C.
Cooke, Van B.
Dickerson, James W.
Dickerson, Thomas H.
Drake, Edwin L.
Fergusson, W. W.
Foster, William R.
Hallum, Henry
Hamilton, John L.
Harper, Alfred N.
Haynes, James W.
Head, Milton E.
Hibbitt, John B.
Holt, James A.
Hunt, Thomas J.
Hunt, William T.
Jones, Raymond
Jones, John W.
Johnson, Stephen C.
Kennedy, T. J.
Lewis, James M.
Littleton, William T.
Love, Tilmon C.
Mansker, William T.
Martin, William R.
McDaniel, James R.
McGee, Jesse
McKendree, James N.
Padgitt, William D.
Padgitt, William W.
Patterson, Lawson M.
Peddicord, Columbus A.
Pike, John T.
Quinn, William
Rives, Richard B.
Roark, John A.
Rogan, John M.
Rucker, Alexander C.
Sarner, James W.
Scurlook, Robert F.
Shaner, Milton L.
Smith, Wade H.
Staley, David B.
Stone, John W.
Stone, Moses B. H.
Suddarth, James M.
Terry, John H.
Thompson, G. W.
Turner, John B.
Webb, William D.
Williams, William D.
Williams, William F.
Wilkes, John T.
Winchester, Napoleon B.
Winn, Edmund A.
Wright, Robert
Wynne, Andrew J.
Wynne, Joseph G.
Young, Elmore A.
Youree, John R.

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