Sumner County, TN Loose Record Lookups

Sumner County, TN
Loose Record Lookups

Loose Record lookups are available from the book Sumner County, Tennessee Index to the Loose Records: 1786 to 1930. Thanks to the author Shirley Wilson for granting permission for the loose record lookups to be done. The book was published in 1988 with an addenda in 1991.

Before requesting a lookup in the Loose Records please read the following Explanation of the Index to the Loose Records by Shirley Wilson.

"Since this book is an index to the Sumner County loose records , an explanation of the term loose records is in order. Strictly speaking, a loose record is just what it implies - a loose document rather than one entered into a book. Once the court clerk entered this original document into an offical record book, the book became the important official record . . . In all categories, there are records in these originals which are not recorded in the offical books. Conversly, there are records in the offical books which did not generate loose papers and are not in this index."

Need a lookup read the following very carefully and than just e-mail Diane Payne with your request.

The book is an index of names.
NO relationships, death dates, parents names, etc.. are given.
Again, this book is an index.

Here is an example of the index found under the lawsuits section:

Lamberth, Richard W. vs. Adams, Nathaniel 1851 - 7019

The number at the end of the entry is the number to use when ordering the full record from the Sumner County Archvies.

You must use the following format when sending your request or your lookup will not be done.

  1. In the subject line, type Loose Records
  2. In the body of the message, include the person's first and last name and and the 10 year range you are searching (ex. 1805 - 1815).
Please limit your request to one surname lookup per e-mail, and, most importantly, please be patient. It may take a few days to get back to you!

Note: To obtain a copy of a record found in the book Sumner County, Tennessee Index to the Loose Records 1786 to 1930 write to the Sumner County Archives. The book is also available for purchase at the Sumner County Archives.

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