The Leeper Bible

The Leeper Bible
at "Cragfont," Sumner County, Tennessee

Transcribed and Submitted
Dolores and Gordon Miltenberger

Bible bought as part of furnishings of the mansion as a museum.
H. C. Carey & I. Lea, Philadelphia 1822

Robert Leeper was married in the thirty third of his ag in the year of our Lord 1802 (or 1806) April the twenty 27
Catherine Hiltholm was born A 1801 and was married twenty seven ___
I Robert Leeper was married to my wife Jane the 1 day of April 1835
Jane Scott was born September 8th 1809
Charles Leeper & Margaret married 4th May 1777
Mary Leeper born the 17th of Feb 1776
Elizabeth Leeper born 2 of Aug 1777
Allen Leeper born
William Leeper & Malinda was married Dec 13th 1836
Wm Leeper & Betsey Burroughs was married the fifth of April 1847
Chas M Leeper was born the twenty ninth day of July 1826
Jacob Wilhelm Leeper as born on __ at one o clock January the 15 1829
William Leeper wase born June the thirtenith 1831
Daughter Mary Elizabeth was born the twelve day of March 1836
James Elder Leeper wase born June the 19, 1837
Robert Kennedy Leeper born July the 26
William Leeper was born Sept 2nd 1783
Malinda Leeper was born March 25, 1807 Margaret Leeper was born Sept. the 10th 1837
Francis Leeper was born Janury the 10th 1839
Charles Leeper August 27th 1840
Elizabeth Leeper December the 8th 1841
William Leeper wase born August 25 1843
James Leeper was born August the 31st 1825
Catherine Leeper departed this life August the 16, 1834
Charles Miler Leeper departed this life August the 19 1834
James Elder Leeper departed this life September the 24 1837 age three months and fore days
Robert Leeper departed this life the 15 of August 1838 aged 44 fory four
Robert Kennedy Leeper departed this life 6th of September 1838 aged 6 yrs __weeks
Melinda Leeper departed this life September the 5th 1845
James Leeper departed this life September 26 1845
William Leeper died July 31st 1855
Capt. Francis Leeper died May 1863 wounded at the battle of Raymond Miss May 12, 1863
Charles Leeper died at Shreveport La June 39, 1906
Margaret Leeper died at Decatur, Ill. November 12, 1913
William Leeper died at New York City Dec 1914
Elizabeth Leeper Wallace died at Decatur Ill March 11, 1916
Thomas Leeper departed this life August 19, 1834
Margret Morough depart this life August the 22 1834
Elisibeth Leeper deperted this life September the 3 1834

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