The Samuel Holmes Lauderdale Bible

Family Bible of Samuel Holmes Lauderdale
and Mary "Polly" Hall Winchester

Publisher: Daniel D Smith, New York 1828

Transcribed and Submitted
Frank Lauderdale Saffarrans

Background information:
Samuel LAUDERDALE and Mary "Polly" Hall WINCHESTER were married in 1829 in Sumner County.
The 1550 US Census records them in Shelby Co, TN
The 1860 US Census records them in Dyer Co., TN
The 1870 US Census records them in Hickman KY
Samuel Died in Shelby Co., TN 1872 and was buried in Hickman, KY . Mary Died in (Stephens Co.,) Texas 1894.



Column 1
John LAUDERDALE was born 16th Sept 1768
Amelia WOOD wife of Jno. LAUDERDALE was born 16th Dec 1767
Stephen WENCHESTER was born 31st May 1761
Sarah HOWARD wife of Stephen WINCHESTER was born the 1(9)th March 177(5)
Sam H LAUDERDALE was born Feby 24th 1801
Polly H WINCHESTER was born Sept 29th 1809
Alex. H. WINCHESTER was born 20th Oct 1811
John Alexander LAUDERDALE was born 2:10 pm Tuesday Sept 2nd 1873
Tom Dillon LAUDERDALE was born 3:15 pm Wednesday July 14th 1815 son of SW & Maggie LAUDERDALE

Column 2
Jennie Lucy LAUDERDALE daughter of John & Elizabeth LAUDERDALE was born Aug 18th 1840
Josiah Mallory son of John & Elizabeth LAUDERDALE was born Sept 8th 1846
Sam son of Mary and Ben LAUDERDALE was born January 4th 1861
George Howard sone of John and Mary LAUDERDALE was born Monday 2OC A.M. March 25th 1861
Effie Lee daughter of Thomas & Mary FRENCH was born July 10th 1868
John S son of TM & Mary FRENCH was born May 4th 1871
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Next page with births on one side and marriages on other side is missing except for a small corner.

DEATHS (fragment)
Amelia Wood Lauder.........Departed this life the .......Nov 1833. Wife of Jn........dale Esq.

Alexander .....departed this......February.........years 4 .....

John Laud.........this life.....85 years

BIRTHS (fragment)
..........hen Winchester....Polly & Sam.........25th April


Column 1
Married Sept 29th 1829 S.H. LAUDERDALE to Miss Polly H. WINCHESTER by (G)R ROBERTS Esq
Married May 23rd 1821 Jas F LAUDERDALE to Mrs Mary G GILLISPIE by the Rev Jno Wiseman
Married 24th Feby 1792 Stephen WINCHESTER to Miss Sarah HOWARD
Married Dec 1795 Jno LAUDERDALE to Amelia WOOD by the Rev Gray

Column 2
Married by the Rev (J).W. Mohon on 30th Dec 1856. L.H. ROULHOE of Hickman Ky to Miss Sallie A LAUDERDALE of Dyer Co Tenn

Married in Hickman Ky by Elder W.G. Roulhoe John A LAUDERDALE Esq to Miss Maggie G G ROULHOE January 1st 1860

Married by Elder Jas Holms on March 15 1860 Dr B W Lauderdale of Dyer Co Tenn to Miss Mary C TAYLOR of Shelby County Tenn

Married by Parson Cowgill May 8th 1867 Mr. T M FRENCH to Mary Z LAUDERDALE of Hickman Ky

Married by Judge Win(yoln) October 8th 1872 Stephen Winchester to Maggie DILLON Hickman KY

Handwritten Header
"Collored Births"
(Au)nt Hess was born Aug 28th 1793
Jim was born Nov, 29th 1806
Louisa was born Aug 29th 1828
Mary was born April 16th 1832
Stephen was born Feb. 26th 1834
Silva was born Oct. 29th 1836
George was born Feb. 15 1847
Alex was born April 20th 1849
Sam was born Nov 1849
William was born Oct. 1st 1851
Jane was born Feb. 29th 1852
Ellen, Silvays Child was born 9th Dec. 1853
Litty was born April 23 1854
Henry was born March 30th 1855
Wesley was born March 1st 1857
Kati was born June 15th 1858
Clarissa was born January 15th 1856
Robert son of Louisa was born February 15th 1860
Jarrit? son of Mary was born Aug 1st 1861

Died at the residence of B W LAUDERDALE S.H. LAUDERDALE age 72 years, 9 months this November 16th 1872. was buried at Hickman November 20th 1872

Died Nov 1st 1877 Mrs Maggie Dillon LAUDERDALE.

Died in Sumner Co Tenn on 24th of June 1897 William LAUDERDALE

The bible is presently (1997) in the possession of:
Frank Lauderdale Saffarrans, Jr (gg grandson)
1817 West Second Street
Arlington, Texas 76013-6443

Family tradition says that the bible remained with Samuel Holmes LAUDERDALE (Sumner County, Dyer County, TN, Hickman Ky and then Shelby Co., TN) until his death. It then passed to his son Samuel Holmes LAUDERDALE, Jr of Shelby County Tennessee. He moved to Dallas, Texas ca 1934 bringing the bible with him. At his death it passed to his nephew Thomas Saffarrans who prior to his death passed it on to Frank Lauderdale Saffarrans (his nephew) in ca 1955.

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