Chrisman-Horn Family Bible

Chrisman-Horn Family Bible

Transcribed and Submitted
by Thomas V. Horn

Notes: The Bible is in possession of Thomas V. Horn, 1602 Silhavy Rd., Valparaiso, IN 46383. He obtained it from his grandfather, Charles Thomas Horn, who gave it to him when he was a child. His grandfather obtained it from his mother, Mary Etta Brandon, who obtained it from her mother, Susan C. Chrisman.


Charles L. Chrisman March 21, 1832

Susan C. Chrisman, October 13, 1834

Charles T. Brandon, January 16, 1869

Amelia A. Brandon, June 6, 1861

Martha J. Belcher March 19, 1858

James Edmond Brandon, April 14, 1866

Mary Etta Brandon, June 24, 1869

Annie Lee Brandon, March 5, 1872

Maggie D. Savley, Aug 18, 1872 Edward Lee Brandon, March 20, 1898

Susie ? Brandon, May 20, 1896

James Richard Horn, February 28, 1854

Charles Thomas Horn, October 3, 1909


Martha Chrisman, May 28, 1863

Amelia A. Brandon, March 21, 1863

Thomas Brandon, June 8, 1881

Jane Chrisman, October 20, 1890

J.E. Brandon, November 1, 1897

Charles L. Brandon, January 10, 1904

Charles Brandon, August 8, 1866

Mrs. Matilda Brandon, November 18, 1867

John H. Brandon, October 6, 1872

George M. Brandon, Nov. 28, 1872

Adeline Belcher, September 10, 1897

Susan C. Brandon, July 8, 1900

Samuel Chrisman, February 18, 1902

Charles T. Brandon, April 11, 1937

The Bible also contains the obituaries of the following people:

Edmond Brandon, was found murdered on his farm in Waco, TX. on May 17, ? and gives a brief account of how his body was found, who found him, and the date and time of his funeral. It was listed as a special dispatch to the Globe-Democrat.

Samuel A. Chrisman died on February 18, 1902. It goes on to tell that he was in ill health and was a Confederate soldier under Morgan and was captured by the Federals on its Ohio raid. He was to be buried in Gallatin cemetary.

Mrs. Susan Brandon, passed away in her home in South Gallatin at 64 years of age. She came from Williamson County as a child and was a member of the Baptist Church and was to be buried in Gallatin Cemetery.

Mrs. Nettie Brandon Trousdale died in Columbia and was a sister of Charles L. Brandon. She had three sons, Charlie, Dave, and Otis and her husband.

Mrs. Jane Chrisman of the late Thomas Chrisman died at her brothers residence. She was the sister of John and A.D. Chrisman and Mrs. Brandon and Sam Chrisman of Nashville and was laid to rest in Gallatin Cemetery.

Mrs. Adeline Belcher died at her home on Winchester St. of Cholora-Morbus at 62 years of age. She was the daugther of Thomas Chrisman and sister of our townsmen John T. and A.D. Chrisman

James Richard Horn passed away at his home on Red River Rd. Mr. Horn was born in Sumner County 89 years ago and was a member of the Baptist Church. He is survived by his wife Mrs. Mary Brandon Horn, his son Charles, and two grandsons.

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