Descendents of Isham Hodges, I

Descendants of Isham HODGES, I
1730/32 - 1782

Submitted by Lowell Glen Brown and Danene Brown Vincent
© 1998

Note from the Submitters: To prevent confusion as you read through the descendants of Isham Hodges I, it is important to realize that there are three Isham Hodges mentioned in the first three generations. There is Isham Hodges, b. abt 1730; his son, Isham Hodges, Sr., b. 23 Mar 1763; and his son, Isham Hodges, Jr., b. 26 Jan 1788, a grandson of the original Isham Hodges whom we will call Isham Hodges I hereafter.


It is believed that Robert Hodges, born ca. 1700, was the father of Isham Hodges I, although circumstantial evidence is all we have at this time. According to Robert L. Hodges, writer and editor of Isham Hodges Notes, some researchers who have examined the early records "......conclude that Robert Hodges is the first settler shown by records to have been living within the modern limits of Franklin County Virginia" (excerpt from Juanita Patton's book, The Family Of Isham And Betsy Hodges From Virginia To Tennessee).

In Landon Bell's book, "Sunlight on the Southside", (List of Lunenburg Titheables) we find Isham Hodges I enumerated in the household of Robert Hodges in 1748. Again in 1749 Isham Hodges is enumerated in the house of Robert Hodges. In 1750 Isham Hodges I was enumerated separate from Robert leaving us to believe he had established his own household by this time. (This part of old Lunenburg County is now Franklin County, VA)

Isham Hodges I, over his lifetime, acquired much land from deeds, patents, and grants in the Chestnut Mountain and Chestnut Creek area of what is now Franklin County Virginia.

Isham Hodges I will was dated March 29, 1782 and was presented for probate in the court of Henry County,Virginia, May 23 1782. In his will he names his eleven children but does not mention a wife leaving us to believe she was deceased. One of the surviving sons was named Isham Hodges also.


The second Isham Hodges married Elizabeth "Betsy" Clay ca. 1782 in Henry County ,VA (Old Lunenburg Co.). In 1812 Isham and Betsy migrated to Smith County, TN along with a younger brother Asa Hodges.

By the time Isham Hodges arrived in Tennessee, he was signing his name Isham Hodges, Sr. for he had named his third son born in Virginia, Isham Hodges, Jr. The stay of Isham Hodges, Sr. and Elizabeth in Smith County only lasted approximately three years then they moved on into Sumner Co., TN where he paid taxes on 83 acres of land on Caney Fork Creek in 1815. In 1826 Isham, Sr. and a nephew Holly Hodges (Aaron's son) purchased another 100 acres of land.

Isham Hodges, Sr. signed his will 23 December, 1829. He died in Sumner Co., 14 July 1839. The will was presented at the August 1839 term of court in Sumner Co., TN.


Isham Hodges, Jr. was born January 26, 1788 in the newly created county of Franklin, in Virginia. Isham, Jr. married Sarah "Sally" Cochran in Franklin Co., 6 March 1812. They went to Sumner County, TN about the same time as did his father Isham, Sr. for Isham, Jr. witnessed a land deed for his father November 4, 1812 in Smith Co., TN.

Isham Hodges, Jr. and Sarah were living in Sumner Co., TN by 1816 where he was taxed on 38 acres of land on Caney Fork Creek. By 1820 he paid tax on 47 acres and by 1826 he had 127 acres.

Isham Hodges, Jr. died 3 September, 1826. He had signed his will with an X on 1 September, 1826, evidently being too weak to affix his signature. The will was witnessed by Roland T. Hodges, Aaron Hodges, and William W. Ausbrooks. Meredith Hodges was the Executor of his will. Isham Hodges, Jr's will was exhibited in the November term of Court in 1826.

The following is a three-generation descendency chart beginning with Isham Hodges I:

1 Isham Hodges, I b. 1730/1732 VA d. APR-1782 Henry Co., VA 
  m. Nancy Hill? b. ca 1730 
   2 William Hodges b. ca 1754 VA d. ca 1817 VA 
     m. Milly 
   2 Nancy Hodges b. ca 1756 VA 
     m. Jeremiah Channell.  Both died in Randolph County, WV. 
      3 Jeremiah Channell, Jr. b. 1776
      3 Elizabeth Channell  b. 1783 
      3 Jemima Channell  b. 1784
      3 Samuel Channell  b. 1785 d. 1869 m. Sarah Hornbeck in 
        Randolph Co., West Virginia
   2 Keziah? Hodges b. ca 1758 VA 
   2 Judith Hodges b. 28-MAY-1761 VA d. 30-AUG-1832 Licking Co., OH 
     m. ca 1780 Joseph Channell 
   2 Isham Hodges, Sr. b. 23-MAR-1763 Chestnut Creek area, Henry Co., VA 
     d. 16-JUL-1839 Sumner Co., TN 
     m. ca 1782 Henry Co., VA  Elizabeth "Betsy" Clay b. 18-MAY-1763 VA 
     d. 06-MAR-1836 Sumner Co., TN 
      3 Asa Hodges b. 17-SEP-1783 Henry Co.,
VA d. 28-OCT-1823 Sumner 
        Co., TN 
        m. 02-FEB-1807 Franklin Co., VA  Jemima Cochran b. 26-SEP-1786 VA 
        d. JUL-1832, Sumner Co., TN 
      3 Rowland T. Hodges b. 10-SEP-1785 Henry Co., VA d.
        Sumner Co., TN 
        m. 17-DEC-1810 Franklin Co., VA  Catherine Nunnery b. ca 1785 
        (Go to the Ashlock Family file for more info on their son
Ezekiel N. Hodges.)
        d. 1829 or 1830 Sumner Co., TN          
        m. 06-JUN-1837 Sumner Co., TN  Nancy Brewer 
      3 Isham Hodges, Jr. b.
26-JAN-1788 Franklin Co., VA d. 03-SEP-1826 
        Sumner Co., TN 
        m. 06-MAR-1812 Franklin Co., VA  Sarah Cochran b. 4- NOV-1788
      3 Judith Hodges b. 05-JAN-1790 Franklin Co., VA d. 04-MAR-1816 
        Sumner Co., TN 
        m. 30-JUN-1812 Sumner Co., TN  Daniel West b. ca 1790 
      3 Elizabeth "Betsy" Hodges b.
14-JAN-1792 Franklin Co., VA 
        d. 09-APR-1864 Sumner Co., TN 
        m. 29-JAN-1820 Sumner Co., TN  William
Wilson Ausbrooks 
        b. 06-DEC-1796 Halifax Co., VA d. 24-JUN-1880 Sumner Co., TN 
      3 Meredith Hodges b. 17-FEB-1794 Franklin Co., VA d. 16-DEC-1888 
        Sumner Co., TN 
        m. 10-JAN-1819 Sumner Co., TN  Catherine Sarver b. 11-MAY-1801 
        d. 28-JUL-1877 Sumner Co., TN 
      3 William Hodges b. 17-JUN-1796 Franklin Co., VA d. 19-AUG-1853 
        Sumner Co., TN 
        m. 26-SEP-1820 Sumner Co., TN  Sarah West b. 27-OCT-1800 NC 
        d. 26-AUG-1853 
      3 Milly Hodges b. 18-JUL-1798 Franklin Co., VA d. 15-SEP-1879 
        Sumner Co., TN 
      3 Pleasant Hodges b. 20-JUL-1800 Franklin Co., VA d. bef DEC-1829 
      3 Ezekiel C. Hodges b. 12-JUN-1802 VA d. 187_ Sumner Co., TN 
        m. 17-OCT-1823 Sumner Co., TN  Rebecca Dorris b. 1804 
      3 Mastin Hodges b. 14-JUN-1805 Franklin Co., VA d. bef DEC-1829 
      3 Phoebe Hodges b. 1807 Franklin Co., VA d. 1849 Sumner Co., TN 
   2 Aimnijah Hodges b. ca 1764 VA 
   2 Martha Hodges b. ca 1766 VA 
     m. 03-JAN-1791 Franklin Co., VA  Isham Belcher 
   2 Moses Hodges b. ca 1768 VA 
   2 Robert Hodges b. ca 1770 VA d. after 1841 
     m. 18-MAY-1791 Franklin Co., VA  Susannah Hall 
      3 Isham Hodges b. 1792 VA d. 1869 
        m.(1) 24-OCT-1824 Pittsylvania Co., VA Sarah Harvey
        Sarah d. 1858
        m.(2) 29 Sept, 1862 Franklin Co., VA Mary Jane Dillon
        b.1821 d.1844 
      3 Judith Hodges b. ca 1793 VA d. 30-OCT-1855 Franklin Co., VA
        m. 26-NOV-1821 (bond date) Elijah Hodges 
      3 Hiram K. Hodges b. 1807 VA d. after 1850 
        m. 17-JAN-1831 Pittsylvania Co., VA  Delila Watson b. ca 1810 
   2 Aaron B. Hodges b. ca 1772 VA d. 1844 Sumner Co., TN 
     m. 13-AUG-1792 Franklin Co., VA  Elizabeth Frances Markham 
     b. ca 1779 VA d. 23-SEP-1856 Sumner Co., TN 
      3 Martha Hodges b. ca 1796 Franklin Co., VA 
        m. 06-SEP-1823 Sumner Co., TN  Isaiah Hodges 
      3 Holly Hodges b. 23-JUL-1798 Franklin Co., VA d. 04-MAY-1871 
        Wayne Co., IL 
        m. 09-AUG-1822 Sumner Co., TN  Catherine Foster b. 27-APR-1807 
        Sumner Co., TN d. 09-NOV-1867 Grover Twp, Wayne, Il 
      3 Nancy Hodges b. 17-FEB-1805
Franklin Co., VA d. 15-JAN-1897 
        Sumner Co., TN 
        m. 13-MAR-1821 Sumner Co., TN  Jeremiah Brown b. 22-SEP-1799 NC 
        d. 06-MAY-1880 Sumner Co., TN 
      3 Sarah "Sally" Hodges b. ca 1808 probably Franklin Co., VA 
        d. bef. 1844 Sumner Co., TN 
        m. 09-JUN-1827 Sumner Co., TN  Seaborn Edwards 
      3 Chloe Hodges b. ca 1810 Franklin Co., VA 
        m. 18-AUG-1833 Sumner Co., TN  John Keen b. ca 1818 Sumner Co., TN 
      3 Chrisley C. Hodges b. 11-JUN-1811 TN d. 04-JAN-1886 Sumner Co., TN 
        m. 20-NOV-1838 Sumner Co., TN  Jemima Martin b. 28-MAY-1822 
        d. 06-MAY-1881 Sumner Co., TN 
      3 Asa Washington Hodges b. ca 1813
VA d. 1871 
        m. 07-DEC-1833 Sumner Co., TN  Mary Brown b. 1813 d. after 1850 
      3 Miriam Hodges b. 26-JAN-1818 d. 31-DEC-1888 Sumner Co., TN 
        m. Samuel Woodrid Hodges b. 23-MAY-1814 d. 28-OCT-1891 
   2 Asa Hodges b. ca 1774 d. ca 1824 Sumner Co., TN 
     m. 1796 Franklin Co., VA  Chloe Markham d. after 1806       
     m. 23-APR-1816 Sumner Co., TN  Lucy Williford b. ca 1800 
      3 Josiah Hodges b. ca 1798
      3 Isaiah Hodges b. ca 1800
        m. 06-SEP-1823 Sumner Co., TN  Martha Hodges b. ca 1796 
        Franklin Co., VA 
      3 Phebe Hodges b. ca 1802 VA m. Andrew Neel  
      3 Elizabeth Hodges b. ca 1806 TN 
      3 Asa Hodges, Jr. 
      3 Isham Hodges 
      3 Fanna Hodges 
      3 Fleming Hodges b. 17-APR-1817 Sumner Co., TN 
        m. 07-MAR-1841 Fountain Head, Sumner, TN  Ethel Elmarene Watwood 
      3 Anderson Hodges 
      3 Robert Hodges b. ca 1820 Sumner Co., TN 
      3 Nancy Hodges m. Leonard Kirby

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