Hartsville Baptist Church

Hartsville Baptist Church

From History of Middle Tennessee Baptists
by J. H. Grime
Nashville, TN

Retyped for the page by Diane Payne & Danene Vincent, 1998.

The records of this church are lost and this renders it difficult to secure anything like a full sketch of her history. The church is located in the town of Hartsville, one mile from Hart's Ferry, or landing, on the waters of Little Goose Creek. Hartsville is the county seat of Trousdale County, Tennessee, and is the town of some 800 population. The exact date and circumstances of the organization of this church have not been ascertained. They united with Enon Association in 1869, while in session at Second Creek Church. They were at this time a newly organized church, numbering twenty-four members. This was before the constitution of Trousdale County, Hartsville at that time being in Sumner County.

Among those who have served this church as pastor we note the following: Elder S. C. Talley, Elder J. M. Phillips, Elder J. T. Oakley, Elder J. H. Grime, Elder V. K. Witt, Elder A. Malone, Elder W. M. S. Wilks, Elder N. R. Sanborn, Elder R. B. Mahony, Elder R. Brett, Elder T. T. Thompson, Elder G. W. Sherman.

Among the deacons we note S. T. Harris, F. G. Harris, J. A. Jones, A. S. Jones, A. S. Reaves, C. D. High, and others.

The present clerk is P. G. Terry.

The church for some years languished, but they have arisen and put on their strength. They now number 123, have an elegant house of worship, have recently built a preacher's home and are alive to every good work. They are being supplied with preaching at present by Elder E. E. Folk, of Nashville, Editor of the Baptist and Reflector. They represent now in Wiseman Association.

NOTE: Several Pastors, Deacons, and Clerks mentioned in the History of Middle Tennessee Baptists can be found in the Sumner County Family Album.

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