Harris/Hall Bible

Harris/Hall Family Bible

Submitted by Bruce Mumford, Jr.

The following are the Bible Records of P. S. Harris of Sumner Co. and Trousdale Co. Tenn.

Certificate Page

This Certifies that the Rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between P.S. Harris and A.E. Caldwell of Sumner County, State of Tennessee on the 8th November at Mary Stanfields by Elder Jonathan Wiseman, 1843.

Births Page

P.S. Harris born Oct. 15, 1816
A. E. Harris born March 7, 1827
R. D. Harris born Oct. 12, 1844
N. L. Harris born Oct 2, 1846
Cindarilla born April 6th, 1849
F. F. Harris born January 13, 1851
Lenorah Harris born March 2, 1854
Millard F. Harris born Oct. 13, 1856
S. T. Harris born Oct. 3, 1860
W. E. Harris born May 8, 1866

Deaths Page

P. S. Harris departed this life July 24th, 1904
A. E. Harris departed this life September 3rd, 1899
R. D. Harris departed this life Oct. 16th, 1846
F. F. Harris departed this life June 20th, 1891
Millard F. Harris departed this life June 24th, 1859
S. T. Harris departed this life March 30, 1900
W. E. Harris departed this life July the 23rd, 1907

Family History Page

B. P. Hall was born Oct. 20, 1838 and died Jan. the 8th, 1906
Nannie L. Hall was born Oct. 2, 1846. Died June 13, 1922.
Ben P. Hall and Nannie L. Harris were married in 1861 by Esq. Moses Burnley
Bettie A. Hall, born Aug. 8, 1868, died Dec 11, 1927
Millard Fillmore born Apr. 22, 1866

Millard Fillmore Hall and Anna Elizabeth Jones were married Feb. 12, 1893 by Rev. King at the Carr Hotel.

Anna Jones Hall born Feb. 13, 1869.

Frederick Addison Hall born Jan. 30, 1894
Zula Virginia Hall born Aug. 11, 1896
Ben C. Hall born Aug. 9, 1903
Ben C. died April 2, 1923

Fred A. Hall and Savannah Lippincott were married Aug 5 1920 Springfield Ohio
Savannah born Oct. 20, 1898 Thackory, Ohio.
Anne Hall, May 27, 1921 Springfield, O. (married Donald Chandler)
Virginia Hall, Nov. 14, 1926, Dayton, O. (married E. Bruce Mumford, Sr.)
Freddie Hall, Nov. 11, 1928, Dayton, O. (married Victor C. Roark)

Leon Harris Burnley and Virginia Hall were married Nov. 15,1922
Child: Ann Harris Burnley was born Aug. 26, 1929, St. Thomas Hospital, Nashville, Tenn. (married C. E. Michaels)

Several Pages of Photographs (including tintypes) are included in the album, the following individuals have been identified:
Pleasant S. Harris (b. 1816)
Ann Elizabeth Caldwell (b. 1827)
Skelton Harris (brother of P.S. Harris)
Skelton T. Harris (b. 1860)
Nancy Lewis Harris (b. 1846)
Will E. Harris (b. 1866)
Benjamin Perkins Hall (b. 1838)
Bettie Hall Dalton (sister of Benjamin Perkins Hall)

Other Hall photographs are included -- possibly brothers of Ben P. Hall -- Patrick M. Hall, Tandy P.D. Hall or John Lipscomb Hall. Two others are identified as "Sammie D." and "Nonie"

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