The Hall Family Bible

The Hall Family Bible

Transcribed and Submitted
Dolores and Gordon Miltenberger

The Holy Bible, New York
The American Bible Society 1879


William A. Erwin & A. M. Parker was married Jan. The 10th 1867
Willie J. Erwin and Jennie B. Filson was married December the 25 A.D. 1887, Y. (G) Webster
James Overton Hall & Elizabeth Margaret Thompson was married September 14th, 1887
Joseph Underwood Thompson & Anna Brown was married July 5th, 1921


Eliczandener Erwin was born May the 9th, 1867
Willie J. Erwin was born August the 22nt. 1869
Johnnie H. Erwin born May the 10th, 1871
James Overton Hall was borne June 3, 1862
Elizabeth Margaret Thompson was borne April 26th, 1869
Joe Underwood Hall born June 20th, 1898 Macon Co.
W. A. Erwin was born August 25, 1840
Adaline Erwin was born August the 28th, 1838
Joseph Underwood Thompson was borne June the 20, 1898


Eliczandener Erwin died
Adaline Erwin died the 8 day of November, 1899
James Overton Hall died July 7th, 1951

Birth Record

Archie Hall was borne Dec. 3, 1826
Louisa Hall borne March 28, 1828
William Hall borne June 22, 1830
Jim Hall borne April 29, 1832
Hyram Hall borne Sep. 28, 1836
Martha Hall borne Feb. 2, 1839
Margaret Hall borne Sep. 5, 1841
Mary Hall borne March 12, 1844
Robert Hall borne Mar. 10, 1847
John P. Hall borne Aug. 6, 1849
Sallie Hall borne Jan. 14, 1852

James Overton Hall was born June 3rd, 1862 died July 7th, 1951

Notes from the compiler:

This bible was given to the compiler by Jennie Thompson Gregory daughter of James Nathaniel Thompson who married Mary Elizabeth Hall sister of Jim Hall who married Margaret Thompson (see Bible record of marriage). James Nathaniel and Margaret are the children of James Thompson born 1826. The compiler gave this bible to Patricia Gatewood Tekell wife of Jack Ray Tekell of Cleburne, Texas in 1973. Patricia is the grand-daughter of James Frank Thompson son of Joseph Nicholas Thompson son of James Thompson born 1826 and therefore closer related to the Hall family than the compiler.

The Erwin statistics listed in the bible are not known at this writing to be connected to the Thompson family.

Some of the Halls listed in the Bible Record of the Bible from Archie- Sallie can be found on page 13 of the printed Sumner County, Tennessee Census record transcribed by Deane Porch. They are listed in the family of Richard T. Hall and his wife Cinthia. They lived in the first district.

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