Gray and Harris Bible

Gray and Harris Bible

Submitted by
Imogene Bennett

Source: Roll. No. S8C - Bible, Family & Tombstone Records, Sumner Co. TN. Clayton Library, Houston, TX. Copied from a bible dated 1853, by Mrs. Alice Guthrie.
Note: Numbers next to entries added by Imogene.

1. William A. Gray and Sarah J. Harris married May 23, 1856
2. William A. Gray born June 20, 1835. Died Feb. 19, 1919.
3. Sarah J. Harris born July 31, 1837. Died Feb. 9, 1879.
4. Catie Ann Gray born June 26, 1859. Died Feb. 25, 1930.
5. Charles William Gray born Sept. 10, 1861.
6. Bright B. Harris born Jan. 6, 1791. Died April 28, 1867.
7. Sally Harris born March 6, 1794. Died Jan. 6, 1863.
8. Abram Hassell born Nov. 17, 1762. Died April 5, 1807.
9. Christian Spenwell* born Aug. 1, 1768. (*See Imogene's note below.)
10. Pricilla Hassell born June 13, 1788.
11. Jennett Hassell born Nov. 16, 1789.
12. William King born March 12, 1783. Died Feb. 19, 1814.
13. Pricilla King born Oct. 20, 1810.
14. Robt McKee King born July 30, 1812.
15. Wm Jennett David King born May 26, 1814.
16. Elizabeth Hassell born Aug. 30, 1830.
17. David Combs born Dec. 27, 1773. Died June 8, 1844.
18. Christanna Hassell born Dec. 7, 1809.
19. William Combs born June 27, 1806.
20. Salley Combs born Sept. 19, 1807.
21. Amelia Judd born April 24, 1810.
22. Penny, "The Great original" born June 13, 1788.
23. Fletcher, born March 12, 1830.
24. Mary Ann born March 18, 1840.
25. Polly born March 15, 1828.
26. Aaron born July 17, 1827.
27. James born July 7, 1825.
28. Noah, born July 4, 1816.
29. Jack born June 27, 1818.
30. Christanna Combs died _.
31. Mary Howard died Sept. 9, 1818.
32. William King and Priscialla Hassell married Dec. 3, 1808.
33. David Combs and Christanna Hassell married Sept. 19, 1809.
34. Robt King and Amelia Judd married Dec. 31, 1840.
35. Abram King and Mary Howard married Apr. 14, 1836.

*Imogene's note: I believe the name shown as Christian SPENWELLL should read SPRUILL. There were many by that surname in Tyrell Co. NC where the records show Abraham HASSELL m. Christian SPRUILL 3 Jul 1787, William Spruill bondsman.

Following is Imogene Bennett's believed identification of the above persons mentioned in this bible.

1. He was s/o Charles GRAY and Catherine HASSELL.
2. Ditto.
3. They were married 23 May 1856 in Sumner Co. TN. She probably d/o Bright B. HARRIS and Sally WALTON.
4. Probably d/o William A. GRAY and Sarah J. HARRIS.
5. Probably s/o ditto.
6. Married 15 Oct 1810 Sumner Co. TN.
7. Sally HARRIS was nee WALTON.
8. Father of Jennett HASSELL and Priscilla HASSELL King-Horne.
9. Mother of ditto.
10. Wife of William M. KING, s/o Robert and d/o Abram and Christiana (SPRUILL) HASSELL. Priscilla m (2) 7 Jan 1818 Sumner Co. TN to Etheldred P. HORNE. She is buried in King Cemetery, Sumner Co. TN. According to the Sumner Co. TN Cemetery book, her tombstone reads: HORNE, Priscella H. King, formerly the consort of William M. King, died 3 Mar. 1822, aged 31 years.
11. Son of Abram and Christiana.
12. William M. KING was s/o Robert KING. Buried in King Cem, Sumner Co. TN.
13. ? Possibly twin of Abram Hassell KING Sr. ?
14. Son of William M. KING and Priscilla HASSELL. Married Amelia JUDD in Franklin Co. TN. Appears in 1850 Lawrence Co. MO census. Robert McKee should read Robert McGee KING.
15. Son of William M. KING and Priscilla HASSELL. Was in Lawrence Co. MO 1850. He was born right after his father died.
16. Probably wife of Albert Gallatin HARRIS, m 4 Nov 1847 Sumner Co. TN.
17. Unidentified. May have been second husband of Christiana SPRUILL, widow of Abram HASSELL.
18. Who? Was she d/o Jennett?
19. Who? Possibly s/o David by a previous marriage. Possibly m 19 Apr 1829 in Sumner Co. to Elizabeth LUTON.
20. Who? Possibly d/o David by a previous marriage. Did she m. Thomas N. RASCO 29 Dec 1824 Sumner Co. TN?
21. Wife of Robert McGee KING, married in Franklin Co. TN. She died in Lawrence Co. MO. Robert McGee was s/o William M. KING and Priscilla HASSELL.
22. Penny, "The Great original," same as #10 above.
23 - 29. Since no last names, were these likely slaves?
30. Christiana SPRUILL Hassell-Combs. She is buried in Sumner Co. TN in the Hassell Cemetery, listed like this: Catharine Combs 12 Aug 1768 - 12 Dec 1851. Either a slight error in the cemetery listing or the bible listing her date of birth. She is buried next to son Jennett.
31. Not sure. Possibly mother of Mary HOWARD who m Abraham Hassell KING Sr., s/o William M. KING and Priscilla HASSELL. According to history of Smith Co. TN, Abraham Hassell KING Sr., b. 1810 near Gallatin TN, m Mary HOWARD, b. 1818. Mary was still living when the history was written in 1889. Another possibility would be the bible records say Mary d 9 Sept 1818, but perhaps this bible record should read that Mary HOWARD was b 9 Sept 1818 rather than died on that date.
32. He is s/o Robert KING. She is d/o Abram HASSELL and Christiana SPRUILL. The marriage record in Sumner Co. TN.
33. This likely is Christiana SPRUILL Hassell, widow of Abram.
34. He was s/o William M. KING and Priscilla HASSELL. The marriage is recorded in Franklin Co. TN.
35. He was s/o William M. KING and Priscilla HASSELL. Have found them in census records of Smith Co. TN 1840 - 1860, 1870.

Here ends my interpretation of this bible record.

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