The Goostree Bible

The Goostree Bible

Ruth Foster

Family Record:

William Douglas Goostree, born at Galatin, Tenn., July 8th,1855. Married Lucy M. Martin Nov. 27th,1879, died Oct.16,1920. Lucy M. Martin, born at Lebanon, Tenn., Dec. 27th, 1859, died Oct.4,1913

J. D. Goostree, born at Spencer's Creek, Tenn., Aug. 9th,1880, Died Nov. 28,1925.

R. J. Goostree, born at Spencer's Creek, Tenn., Mar.20th,1882. Married Sept. 6, 1908. Died Aug. 10,1912.

Willie Leola Goostree, born at Spencer's Creek, Tenn., Dec.18th,1884. Married Jan. 4,1905

Mary Bertha Goostree, born at Spencer's Creek, Tenn., Dec.26th, 1887

Clifford A. Goostree, born at McKinney, Tx., June 6,1897, married Oct.12, 1921.

Transcript of Marriage Certificate:

"This certifies that W.D. Goostree and Lucy M. Martin were solemnly united by me in the HOLY BONDS of MATRIMONY at J. B. Martin's on the 27th day of November in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy Four conformably to the ordinance of God, and the Laws of the State.
In the Presence of:
G.B. Martin
J.M. Jarell
H.A. Ausburn

John D. Rice (There are initials after pastor Rice's name but I can't make them out).

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