Bible Records From J. K. and M. E. Gant Bible

J. K. and M. E. Gant
Bible Records

Published by Jones Brothers & Co.
Cincinnati, Ohio; Philadelphia, Pa.; Chicago, Ill., 1879

Transcribed and Submitted
Robert Anglea

Notes: The Bible is in possession of Robert W. Anglea, 7 Robinson Ave., Rome, GA 30165-3637, Phone: (706) 234-4201


J. K. Gant was born Nov. 12, 1836 (Jonathan Karr)
M. E. Gant was born March 26, 1837 (Mary Emily)
W. P. Gant was born Oct. 8th, 1856 (William Porter)
J. M. Gant was born June 4, 1858 (Joseph Mansfield)
M. E. Gant was born Jan. 24, 1860 (Mary E.)
C. F. Gant was born May 31, 1862 (C. Frances)
I. J. Gant was born June 9, 1865 (Isadora Jane)
M. A. Gant was born August 19, 1868 (Missouri A.)
M. E. Gant was born Sept. 12, 1871 (Mallie E.)
Jessie Dorris was born Dec. 1801


B. Anglea (Elisha Burton) and M. E. (Mary E.) Gant December 24th, 1875
W. P. Gant and S. E. (Sarah Elizabeth) Anglea June 20th 1878
J. M. Gant and C. H. (Cynthia Henrietta) Anglea April 8th, 1880
W. M. Burton, M.D., and Fannie (C. Frances) Gant October 20, 1881
R. E. Anglea (Robert Elmore) and I. J. Gant (no date)
I. M. Hill and (Isaac) M. A. Gant Nov. 4, 1886
G. O. Perdue (Ollie) and M. E. (Mallie E.) Gant Feb. 11, 1891


Jessie Dorris died Oct. 21, 1891
Mary Dorris died Oct. 20, 1889
J. M. Gant died July 5, 1906
M. E. Anglea (Mary E.) died Mar. 8, 1900
Belle Anglea died Feb. 22, 1901
Oather Anglea died Mar. 2, 1906
M. Elizabeth Gant died Mar. 29, 1908
J. K. Gant died Nov. 17, 1908
E. B. Anglea died Nov. 13, 1905
R. E. Anglea died Jan. 10, 1909
Emma T. (or F. ?) Alexandr died Aug. 12, 1912
W. P. Gant died June 30, 1915
Mrs. Fannie Burton died Feb. 24, 1922
W. M. Burton died Sept. 27, 1902
Uncle Jake Gant come to Tenn. Aug. 1913.


  1. There are a lot of old tintype pictures in back of Bible that are not identified. (One male person dressed in what appears to be a preachers robe.)

  2. Brackets ( ) contain the full names of individuals listed only with initials in Bible.

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