Mary (Thompson) Franklin Bible

Mary (Thompson) Franklin Bible

Transcribed and Submitted
Dolores and Gordon Miltenberger

Richard Franklin and Mary Thompson was married April 17th, 1806
Elizabeth Franklin and Bunnade Brown was married Dec. 17th, 1829
John Franklin and Mildred Crenshaw was married March 3, 1831
Roger T. Franklin and Milly T. Slemmons was married Jan. 22, 1835
William Franklin and Nancy Crenshaw was married Dec. 9 1841
Martha Susan Franklin and Arsley Slemmons was married March 12th, 1846
Richard Franklin and Emila B. Calhon (sic) was married the 17th of Dec. 1846


Richard Franklin was born Oct. 13th 1779
Mary Thompson was born Nov. 27th 1782
John Franklin the son of Richard and Mary Franklin was born March 29th, 1807
Roger T. Franklin and Samuel C. Franklin was born May 27th 1809 (twins)
Elizabeth Franklin was born November 15, 1811
William Franklin was born November 15, 1815
Richard Franklin was born June 17th, 1817
Mary Ann Franklin was Sept - 17th 1819
Marthy Susan Franklin was born Aug. 26th - 1824
George W. Franklin was born Jan. 11th, 1827

Richard Franklin the son of John and Mildred Franklin was born March 31 -1832
Martha Franklin was born Feb. 20, 1835
William D. Franklin was born Jan. 1, 1837
Garland Thompson Franklin the son of Wm. and Nancy Franklin was born Jan. 15, 1840
William Wales Franklin the son of Wm and Nancy Franklin was born April 2, 1842

Compilers Note:
This researcher has found the marriage record of Sumner County Tennessee in the Probate office to give the date of the marriage of Martha Susan Franklin to Ashier Slemmons as 11 March 1846.

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