Richard Franklin Jr. Bible

The Richard Franklin Jr. Bible

Transcribed and Submitted
Dolores and Gordon Miltenberger

The Cottage Bible and Family Expositor Complete in Two Volumes
Vol II./Hartford/Printed and Published by Case, Tiffany, & Burnham 1848


Richard Franklin Jr. Emilia B. Calhoun was married 17th of Decembe 1846
On Sept. 24th 1857 Richard Franklin Jr. was married to Millie C. Pursley Daughter of D.O. and E. M. Pursley of Alton Hill, Macon Co. Tenn: by J. W Whitten
Moses Richard Box and Betty Nadine Coulson married Dec. 30, 1951 at Enid Oklahoma
W. C. Kelly Jr. (Bill) and Mattie Noami (Toby) Petrey were married at Oak Ridge, Tenn., 2-23-1946
Morris V. Vowell and Mary Pursley Kelly married Aug. 31, 1947, at Union City, Tenn
David W. Pursley and Mary W. Franklin was married Oct. 5, 1865
Richard F. Pursley and Daisy B. Burtch were married Feb. 17, 1892. Clover and Cheatham Streets, Union City, Tennessee
Malcom O. Box and Mildred Pursley married Jan. 2, 1918 by W. W. Armstrong
W. C. Kelly and Mary Bird Pursley were married March 17-1923 at Union City Tenn.


Richard Franklin was born June the 27-1817
E. B. Franklin was born May the 11 1826
Mary W. Franklin was born Sept. 29-1847
Millie C. Franklin was Borned Nov 10th 1834
David Wilson Pursley was born April 22-1842
Richard F. Pursley was born July 16, 1866
Jimmie C. Pursley was born Nov. 15-1868
Daisy (Burtch) Pursley was born Sept. 10-1870
Mary Bird Pursley was born Aug. 3, 1893
Mildred Burtch Pursley was born Feb. 13, 1895
Malcom O. Box Sr. born Jan. 14, 1886
Malcom O. Box Jr. was born June 18, 1919
Mary Franklin Box was born Oct. 31, 1921

Moses Richard Box was born Aug 28, 1924 Born Union City Tenn Richard Entered service at Ft. Oglethorpe Georgia June 15, 1945 A.S.N. 34736621 Basic training at Camp Fannin Texas, July. Transferred at Sheppard Field Texas to A.A.F. Sept. (1943) Took C.T.D. at Tulsa University Oct. '43 to Apr. '44. Camp Van Doren, Miss., Infantry Apr. '44 to Oct. '44. Overseas via New York Nov. '44. Served in France & Germany with Hq. Co. 3 Bn. 253 Inf. 63rd Div. Occupation Duty with 818 M.P. Co. at Mannheim Germany, till return to U.S.

Betty (Coulson) Box born Aug. 17-1928 Enid, Oklahoma
W. C. Kelly Jr. born Feb. 22, 1926
Mary Kelly born March 13, 1926
Morris A. Vowell born Sept. 2, 1924
William Cobb Kelly Sr. born Dec. 16, 1882

NOTE: Due to privacy reason birth dates after 1927 are left off this bible record.


Emily B. Franklin consort of Richard Franklin Jr. departed this life Sept 17th 1851, thirteen minutes before 10 o'clock in a.m.
Richard Franklin Jr. departed this life June 25, 1865, 2 oclock P.M.
Mildred C. Franklin departed this life Aug. 14th 1873
Mary Winifred Pursley wife of D.W. Pursley, died Sept. 9-1904
Jimmie C. Pursley died Feb. 25, 1887
Mary Franklin Box died Nov. 3, 1925, 7:10 a.m.
David Wilson Pursley died July 26, 1936 at 2:15 am age 94, 3 m., 4 dys.
Richard Franklin Pursley died Oct. 15, 1940 at 5 a.m.
W. C. Kelly died April 5, 1941

Malcom O. Box Jr was reported killed in action Jan. 30-1944 in Italy. He led his Company B., 15th Inf. 3rd Division on the Anzio Invasion. He was 2nd Lt. A.S.N 01296804

Daisy Bird (Burtch) Pursley, wife of R.F. Pursley Died Jan. 11, 1953

Compilers Notes:
Richard Franklin lived and died in Sumner County Tennessee

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