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The LOVELL surname is believed to have been derived from the Latin "Lupus" meaning "The Wolf", and to have been used as a nickname for one whose violent temper earned the use of this name. The French forms of the word lupus were Lou and Lovel (Love, plus the French suffix, el). The word is found in ancient English and early American records in the various spellings of Louvel, Lovel, Luvel, Luvell, Louvel, Louvell, Lovelle, Lovell and various others.

Note: The lineage for David Lovell which follows, is based on records located to date. The information presented is most welcome to debate with the hope that further information will come to light to either substantiate or correct the Lovell family which follows.

Colson Lovell was born 1769 in VA.

1790 Census, Rockingham Co. NC

There are two William Lovells'. One is married. The other is single head of household. The 1850 Greene Co., IL census notes another William Lovell age 50, born VA. This would place his date of birth 1800 and not likely the one mentioned as administrator for David Lovell.

There are also two Cyrus Lovells', one is married with one child, the other is single head of household.

There is a David Lovell (married to Jemimah) and a David Lovell Jr., married with six children.

Zacharia - single, head of household.

Two land grants have been located in 1784 Guilford Co., NC for David Lovel. One land grant located 1794 in Rockingham Co., NC. In 1804 we find two indentures in Rockingham Co., NC, and one in 1805. The relationship between those Lovell's mention has not been determined. The William Lovell, mention as "admt" with David's wife might suggest he is the eldest son, or even a brother to David.

1800 Census, Rockingham Co., NC

Zachariah Lovell: one male 26-45, b. 1755-1774; one male 10-16, one female 16-26, one female 26-45 b. 1755-1774.

John Lovell: one male 45+ b. 1755 ca, one male 10-16, one male 16-26, one female under 10, three females 10-16, one female 26-45, b. 1755-1774.

David Jr.: one male 45+ b. 1755 ca, one male 26-45, one male 16-26, one male 10-16, one female 45+ b. 1755 ca, one female 16-26 and one female under 10.


Deed 460, 7 August 1804, Rockingham Co., NC: Jemimah Lovell, admt and William Lovell, admt., admins of David Lovill, deceased, Zachariah Lovill, Abner Lovill, Cyrus Lovill, Russell Lovill, Colson Lovill and Orson Morgan, sell a fifty-eight acre piece of land to Francis Jackson for the sum of $20.

Conveyance; Margaret Denning and Colson Lovell of Orange Co.

Sold to John Swindell of same on 3 October 1804 for $219.99 on Whittles Fork branch of Haw River. The land had been granted to Robert Moore (no date), conveyed to Margaret Denning, and then conveyed to Colson Lovell (no dates for either of these conveyences). This deed was proved November term 1804. Source: Bennett, William Doub, ed. Orange County Records, Volume XIV: Deed Books Ten & Eleven, Raleigh, N.C.: privately published, 1999, page 122.

1790 Orange Co., NC census notes a David Dinning, David Dinning Jr., and a John Dinning. Limited research suggests a marriage between an Andrew Denning and Margaret, having children Rachel, John and David. Andrew reported to have been born in Ireland.

1810 Census, Orange Co., NC

Colson Lovell, one male 26-45, b. 1755- 1774, three males under 10, one female 45+ b. 1765 ca, one female 26-45, b. 1755-1774.

1810 Census, Rockingham Co., NC

Abner Lovell: one male 45+ b. 1765 ca, one male 10 or under, two females 16-26, b. 1784-94, and one female 10-16, b. 1794-1800.

1810 Census, Stokes Co., NC

William Lovell: one male 45+ b, 1765 ca, one male 26-45, three males 10 and under.

(1) David and Jemimah Lovell
1807 - Colson Lovell has an account at a general store in Sumner Co., TN. Source; Gallatin Merchants Journal, Part 10.

1808 - Deed Page 365, 24 June 1808 Redmond D. Barry to Colson Lovell, $271, 217 acre tr on Drake's Creek of Barron. Wit: Thomas Brandon, Abram Trible. (Sumner Co., TN Deed Abstracts 1806-1817).

1812 - Deed Page 359, 13 April 1812 David Bradley to Colston Lovel, $50.00, 20 acres on W side Red River Lick Branch of creek as above. Wit: Micajah House, Joseph McGloughlin. (Sumner Co., TN Deed Abstracts 1806-1817).

1815 - Deed Page 249, 15 August 1815 Joshua Rice to James Harton,, Wit: Colston Lovell. (Sumner Co., TN Deed Abstracts 1806-1817).

1820 Sumner Co., TN - Colson, Zachariah, and Cyrus Lovell all three born 1775 ca, 45+ on census schedule. Joshua and Russell Lovell appear for the first time since being mentioned in the 1804 deed, Rockingham Co., NC.

1830 Sumner To., TN - David Lovell b. 1790-1800, Colston Lovell b. 1760-1770, William Lovell, b. 1790-1800 and John Lovell b. 1770-1780 with one male 20-30, b. 1800-1810.

(2) Colson Lovell and wife unknown b. 1769 ca VA - d. after 1860 Scotland Co., MO Census

Known children of Colson Lovell and wife unknown:

  1. Andrew Lovell, b. 24 November 1800 NC, d. after 1860 Scotland Co., MO - married Rachael Jepson (Information provided by Vickie Nevins)
  2. David Lovell, b. 16 May 1796 NC, d. 6 April 1872, buried Kane Cemetery, Kane Twp. Greene Co., IL.

The 1820 Sumner Co., TN census finds a John and Lucy Parnall, most likely the parents of Elizabeth. Married Elizabeth Parnall, b. 13 March/July 1799. "Elizabeth Lovell, surviving wife of David Lovell died at the home of her son Jammison Ozbun (Osborne?) in Kane on 23 September 1880. Age 81y 2m 30d"; The Carrolton Gazette: 2 October 1880

Early 1830 - Colson and son Andrew Lovell are in Green Co., IL, then to Marion Co., MO. By 1839, Colson and Andrew are in Scotland Co., MO. Information taken from "With Porter in North Missouri; Mudd, Joseph and "Community at Large, Scotland County"; Davison, Ellen K. 1993.

1850 - Scotland Co., MO - Colson 81 b. VA
1860 Scotland Co., MO - Colson 102? b. VA

On 20 August 1821 in Sumner Co., TN a suit of Bastardry #9183 was filed by Elizabeth Parnall against David Lovell. Both David and a William Lovell were held with a $1000 bond, and David was ordered to appear on the third Monday in February 1822. On 22 February 1822 Sumner County, David married Ann Elizabeth "Betsy" Parnal. Bondsman: William Glover, m. by S.K. Blythe.

David Lovell is noted as Bondsman to a marriage between John McClelen and Gilley Parnel on 20 August 1820 in Sumner County, Tennessee.

In 1840 we find David Lovell in Sumner County, Tennessee; two males under 5; two males age 5 - 10; two males age 10 - 15; one male age 15 - 20; one female age 5 - 10; one female age 15 - 20. Living next-door is a Colton Lovell; one male age 10-15; one male age 15-20; one male age 60-70 (probably Colton); one female age 10 - 15; one female age 20 - 30; and one female age 60 - 70, relationship unknown.

In 1850 we find David, age 53 NC in Butler Co., KY, P. 217, family 34, with wife "Sarah" (believed to be an error) age 51, NC, Elizabeth 20, Charlotte 18, Laundrum 16, Harriet 14, Richard 11, and Sally M. 9, all born KY. Interestingly, Andrew J. b. 1835 would have been 15 but is not noted on the census as living in the household with David?

(3)David Lovell and Elizabeth Parnall

Children of David Lovell and Elizabeth Parnall are:

  1. Peter Lovell, b. 1822 Greene Co., IL or Sumner Co., TN (it is believed this is the child named in Bastadry Suit of 1821) d. 3 February 1864 in Battle of Chicamaugua at Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN. To date, it is unclear where Peter was born. Some documents show IL and some oral family history places him in Sumner. Married first on 20 November 1846 Green Co., IL to Mary Ann Bradley, b. 1829, d. July 1860 (?), age 31 years. Married secondly to Sarah Moore, 27 August 1859 Green Co., IL. - See Peter Lovell Pages.
  2. Melvina b 1823 TN. 1880 Greene Co. IL Census. Married Jimison Osbun/Ozbun b. 1819 TN.
  3. John b. 1825 TN. Married 13 Aug 1849 Sumner Co. TN to Katura/Kittura Foster b. 1855 KY. Issue: Early Mattie b. 1871 IL. Information from 1880 Greene Co. IL census.
  4. Reuben Bradley "Rube" b, 6 Aug 1828, d. 11 Oct. 1913. Married 1st to Eliza Rice. Married 2nd on 26 Sept. 1867 to Elmarena Barnard b. 7 Jan. 1843 TN, d. 1 Nov 1931.
  5. Elizabeth b. 1830 KY.
  6. Marthy 1831 TN - 1880 Greene Co., IL census. Married James Davis b. 1806 NC. Issue: Jefferson b. 1862 IL, Clarra b. 1864 IL, Etta b. 1886 IL, Minnie b. 1868 IL, Mattie b. 1871 IL,.
  7. Charlotte b. 1832 KY.
  8. Laundrum (male) b. 1834 KY.
  9. Andrew J. (Jackson) b. 29 Jan 1835 TN, d. 17 Oct 1817 Greene Co. IL. Married 4 July 1862 to Angeline C. Ferguson b. 1843 IL.
  10. Harriet b. 1836 KY.
  11. Richard 1838 KY.
  12. Sally M. "Mary" b. 1840 KY. Married R. E. Hill. Issue: William b. 1859-60. Information from 1880 Greene Co. IL census.
  13. Wyley b. 1840 ish - TN - living with brother John - 1880 Greene Co., IL census.

Elmarine is the sister of Eliza Barnard, first wife of Thomas Jefferson and are the daughters of Thomas B. Barnard and Sarah Williams.

1850 census Grayson County, Texas, (p. 721-361, #293). R. B. Lovell age 23, b. TN and "E" age 18 b.TN Residing with B.W. Bradley age 27, b. TN, school teacher and M.G. Bradley, age 19, b. TN, and noted as having married within one year.

1855 Greene Co., IL census - Page 40, line 28; R.B. Lovell, 2 sons under 10 and Eliza; Benjamin Franklin b. 1851. Thomas Jefferson b. 1855.

1855 Green Co., IL. census - Page 41, line 30; David Lovell, two males 10-20; one male 20-30; one male 50-60. One female 10-20; one female 50-60.

1860 Greene Co., IL census shows numerous Lovells' living with various families as farm laborer's. Here we also find Reuben Lovell, 32, b. TN in the same house as a Marcus Lovell, 30, b. 1830 TN and a Hannah Wirts, domestic. Perhaps Marcus is brother. There is another H.V. Lovell, b. 1821 TN and an "A" Lovell, b. 1839 TN. Could be Andrew son of David and Elizabeth Parnall. It should be noted here that there are numerous Barnard, Bradley and Ozbun families found in Greene Co., 1850 and 1860 indicating these families moved jointly.

From the estate of S. Rice (third wife of Thomas J. Rice). Estate dated 1869, certified .. "to my hands as adms this 5th day of Dec. 1870, J.B. Hobdy adm.":

R. B. Lovell Rent of land $47.00
R. B. Lovell 1 set of chairs $?2.00
R. B. Lovell 1 table 20

In her (S. Rice, 3rd wife of Thomas J. Rice) estate info dated 1870:1873
R. B. Lovell receipt for repairs on place $97.50. Attached is the above receipt which has this; For repairs - farm 15.71
Building and repairing house 75.00
Repairing barn 5.00
Repairing fence 11.50
R. B. Lovell

On 28 February 1874, Sumner County Courthouse, a guardianship was filed with the appointment of R.B. Lovell as guardian for B.F., Thomas J. and George W. The death certificate for T.J. (Thomas Jefferson) Lovell notes "Reuben" as father.

(4)Reuben Lovell and 1st wife Eliza Rice (see Rice, Thomas)

Children of Reuben Lovell and Eliza Rice are:

  1. Benjamin Franklin b. 1 April 1851 TX, died 18 Oct. 1940. Married 15 Oct 1889 to Clara Walton Anderson b. 2 Mar 1868 TN, died 14 Sept 1933.
  2. Thomas Jefferson b. 16 June 1855 IL, died 31 Jan 1936. Married 1st 24 Sept 1873 Sumner Co. TN to Eliza Barnard b. 1847 Sumner Co, died by 1890. Married 2nd April 1890 to Louisa Lambert-Bradley b. 1 Jan 1855, died Nov. 1920.
  3. George Wiley b. 1858 IL. Married 28 Jan 1878 to Manda Hammond.

Thomas Jefferson and second wife are buried in Boiling Springs. Thomas was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at Boiling Springs.

Reuben is located on the 1880 census for Sumner County, District 16, (near Kentucky State line) p. 256 - Reuben Bradley Lovell, 52, b. TN; father born NC; mother born TN. With him is wife Elmarine, 37 b. TN; parents born TN. dau. Hattie b. 1869 IL; dau. Mattie b. 1871 IL; son Wm. E. b. 1872 TN; dau. Ettie b. 1874 TN; son Reuben Oscar b. 1878 TN. Living next door is the household of George W. Lovell, age 21, b. IL. Reuben and Elmarine are buried in the Barnard-Bush family Cemetery, Sumner County, TN. Elmarine's date of death has never been inscribed on her headstone

(4)Reuben Lovell and 2nd wife Elmarena Barnard

Children of Reuben Lovell and Elmarena Barnard are:

  1. Hattie b. 1869 IL.
  2. Mattie b. 1871 Sumner Co. TN; Nashville Pike, Gallati. Died 1951 buried Maple Hill, funeral Church of Christ , 10:30am Wed. Married Robert E. Pope.
  3. William E. b. 1872 TN.
  4. Ettie b. 1874 TN.
  5. Reuben Oscar b. 10 May 1878 TN, d 12 August 1969. Married Vollic C. Faullin b. Oct 22, 1883. For more information see the Faullin Family Bible.


Lovell, Louiza J.        Mother         1 January 1855 - 22 November 1920
Lovell, Thomas J.      Father         16 June 1855 - 31 January 1936
Lovell, Sally              1880 - 1953 (possible mental condition)
Lovell, Jewel Frances - dau Arthur & Elsie Lovell 3 December 1926 - 10 March 1927

Benjamin married first on 29 May 1872 to Dorothea Groves b. 30 November 1850, d. 21 April 1873 with infant daughter in childbirth, Robertson County, Tennessee. He married a second time to Sarah J. Crafton, b. 18 August 1859, d. 27 September 1882; issue, daughter Jennie b. 23 September 1882, d. 27 October 1882; son Reuben Albert, b. 29 August 1880, d. December 1946.

(5)Benjamin Franklin Lovell and Clara Anderson

  1. Vernon Gustavus b. 21 Aug. 1890, d. 4 June 1908.
  2. Henry Clayton b. 13 June 1894, d. after 1975 married Mallie T. Anglea.
  3. Zollie Franklin b. 4 July 1897, d. 4 June 1900.
  4. Lovie Grace married Curtis Perdue b. 23 Sept. 1899, d. 11 Nov. 1921.
  5. Dovie Gladys b. 23 Sept. 1899, d. 10 Sept. 1915.
  6. Minnie May b. 13 April 1901, d. 27 June 1909.

    Benjamin, Clara, Sarah J., Dorothea and infant daughter, and Vernon G. are buried in the Ebenezer Cemetery, Sumner County, Tennessee, approximately one mile east of the Mitchelville General Baptist Church. Clara, daughter of Thomas Henry Anderson and Nancy Harding Faulin died of Sarcoma of the Rectum.

    (1)George W. Lovell and wife unknown

    1. Margaret b. 1832, married 3 September 1864 Davidson Co., TN to. Andrew J. W. Raymer.
    2. Martha C. b. 1835 married ? Bradley.
    3. Nancy b. 1837.
    4. Eliza J. b. 1838 married 11 January 1870 Robertson Co., TN to H. Sloan.

    (1)George W. Lovell and Eliza Dorris

  • Mary A. b. 1852.
  • John W. b. 1857.
  • B.M. b. 1860

    Lovells located in the census of 1860 McDonough Co., Illinois

    David b. 1807 - Ohio              Reuben b. 1819 - Ohio            William b. 1851 KY
    Nancy b. 1816 - KY                Prisella - b. 1822 - Ohio          Mary b. 1854 KY
    James b. 1839 - KY                John b. 1852 - IL                     Levi b. 1849 - KY
    Francis b. 1842 - KY              James b. 1782 - VA                 Susan b. 1858 - KY
    John b. 1844 - KY                  Ruth b. 1780 - VA

    Miscellaneous Lovell Births

    Sallie 31 May 1880                       Arthur 9 December 1893        Elsie 16 January 1894
    James Alvin 11 March 1916          Effie 30 May 1880                  Eddie Reed 8 Aug 1808
    Turner 8 March 1900

    William T. Lovell b. 1770-1780 found on the Warren County, KY tax list - 1808-1809-1810; in the possession of the Kentucky Genealogical Library, Bolling Greene.

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