Dorris Bible

Dorris Bible

Transcribed and Submitted
Robyn Lane Collins

Note: This Bible contains the New Testament and Psalms. It is in very poor condition with some pages missing including the copyright page. Entries transcribed exactly as they were written.

Written in pencil on flyleaf:

mathew Dorris was Born december the 2 = 1852
almira lee was Born may the 22 = 1856
mathew dorris and almira lee was married december the 18 1884
mary frances dorris was Born december the 13 1885
nanney bell dorris was Born april the 3 1887
james william cleveland dorris was Born november the 28 1888
lovey ____ dorris was Born april the 13 1890
hershel dorris was Born july the 26 1891
charley grant dorris was born january the 31 1894
Lizzie Lier Dorris Born August the 20 1897

Written in pencil in the margin of a page:

Mary was married the 28 day of January 190_

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