James M. Cooper, Death Record Scroll Scroll

James M. Cooper, 1924

Transcribed by Glen Cooper at rgcooperc@netscape.net

  1. Place of Death: Sumner County, TN, Civil Dist.: 14, Village: Graball
    Death Certificate Number:
    Registration District No. 48414
    Registration Number: 15
  2. Full Name: James M. Cooper
  3. Sex: Male
  4. Color or Race: White
  5. Widowed
  6. Date of Birth: 1843
  7. Age at death: 81 yrs 0 mos, 5 days
  8. Occupation: Farmer
  9. Place of Birth: Coffee County, TN
  10. Name of Father: Benjamin Franklin Cooper
  11. Birthplace of Father: do not know
  12. Name of Mother: do not know
  13. Birthplace of Mother: do not know
  14. Informant: Virgil Anderson
    Address: Fountain Head
  15. Filed: 6/15/1924 by C. B. Cron, Registrar
  16. Death Date: May 31, 1924 at 8 am
  17. Cause of Death: cause not stated, no Doctor in attendance
    Signed: Homer Reese ??? M.D.
  18. Length of Residence.
  19. Place of Burial: Patterson burying ground, Date of Buriel: June 1, 1924
  20. Undertaker: C. D. Alexander - Gallatin
    Explanation: James M. Cooper was the father of Benjamin Franklin Cooper of Sumner County TN. Virgil Anderson was his son in law, married to Ben's sister Alice. I don't know where Graball is but I had assumed that James was living with his daughter and son-in-law when he died at 81 years of age. James wife passed away in 1915. Her name was Adaline Templeton. I haven't been able to find either gravesite, yet.

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