The Dickerson Bible and Graves

The Dickerson Bible and Graves

Transcribed and Submitted
Dolores and Gordon Miltenberger
June 1970

Olive Dickerson Born Oct. 5th 1787
Sallie Dickerson (wife) nee Stubblefield Mar 14, 1812
Elizabeth Dickerson Born Sept. 16, 1833
Minirva Dickerson Born Feb. 14, 1836
Nathaniel Dickerson Born Dec. 25, 1840
James T. Dickerson Born June 18, 1843
Olive W. Dickerson Born Sept 20, 1847
Nancy W. Dickerson Born June 7, 1849
Sallie E. Dickerson Born Dec. 31, 1850
Olive Dickerson died Mar. 31, 1872
Minerva Dickerson died June 7, 1857

Notes: The following tombstones were copied, on a plot about 1/4 mile up a hill north of the house on Fay Perkins' property west of Hartsville, Trousdale, Co., the only stones visible:

Dickerson, Sallie J. 14 March 1812 - 30 November 1892
Dickerson, Olive 5 October 1787 - 31 March 1872

The following stone was not in the a graveyard, but broken and carried around by children:

"In memory of Harriett Frances daughter"

The following two stones were to the west of the house and south of the Dickerson stones, side by side:

Winston, Spilsby C. 20 September 1787 - 31 December 1836 and another "T.W."

Compilers Notes:
*The owner of the bible said, "These names are my Gran Mother's Anthony people on the Dickerson side."
*Oliver Dickerson was in 1850 District 1 Sumner County TN listed next to Peter Stubblefield.

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