Francis Marion Suttle, Death Record Scroll Scroll

Francis Marion Suttle, 1937

Transcribed by Edie Suttle at

Place of Death: Fountain Head, Sumner County, TN
Certificate Number: 24304
Registration District Number: 48414
Name: Francis Marion Suttle
Male, White, Married
Wife Name: Laura Suttle
Death Date: October 04, 1937
Age at Death: 88 years, 11 months, 11 days
Birth Date: October 23, 1848
Birthplace: Sumner County, TN
Occupation: Farmer
Name of Father: Bill Suttle (William)
Birthplace of Father: Sumner County, TN
Name of Mother: Jane Bradley
Birthplace of Mother: Sumner County, TN
Informant: W. T. Suttle, Fountain Head, TN
Burial: October 6, 1937, Old Brush Cemetery, Fountain Head, TN
Cause of Death: Chronic Cholecystitis
Contributing cause of Death: Senility

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