Susan Presley, Death Record Scroll Scroll

Susan Presley

Transcribed by Valerie Humphrey Hendrix at [email protected]

    Susan Presley, 1918
    Place of Death: Sumner County, TN, Civil Dist.: 6
    Death Certificate Number:
    Registration District No. 48406
    Registration Number: 24
  1. Full Name: Susan Presley
  2. Sex: Female
  3. Color or Race: White
  4. Married
  5. Date of Birth: 1852
  6. Age at death: 66 yrs
  7. Occupation: Housewife
  8. Place of Birth: KY
  9. Name of Father: Bige Umphrey
  10. Birthplace of Father: KY
  11. Maiden Name of Mother: unknown
  12. Birthplace of Mother:
  13. Informant: Will Presley, Address: Edenwald, Tenn
  14. Filed: June, 1918 by G. W. Jackson, Registrar
  15. Death Date: Apr. 7, 1918
  16. Cause of Death: heart failure, no Dr. Signed: G. W. Jackson, Goodlettsville, Tenn.
  17. Length of Residence: not filled in
  18. Place of Burial: Goodlettsville, Tenn, Apr. 8, 1918
  19. Undertaker: J. B. Cole, Goodlettsville, Tenn.

Explanation: Susan was born Maranda Susan Humphrey on September 25, 1854 in Cumberland County, KY to Abigah Humphrey and Mary Margaret Claywell Humphrey (source: Cumberland County, KY Birth Records). She married James M. Presley in January, 1874 in Cumberland County, KY (source:, Kentucky Marriages, 1852-1914.) James was a blacksmith. They lived in Metcalf Co., KY (1880 census), Macon Co., TN (1900 census), and Bethpage, Sumner Co., TN (1910 and 1920 census).

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