Sumner County Death Records 1881-1882

Sumner County, TN Death Records
1881 - 1882

1881 - 1882 Sumner Co. Death Records
Transcribed and Compiled by Linda Carpenter, Diane Payne and
Danene Vincent
Copyright, ©1999

Statewide registration of deaths did not begin until the year 1908. However, Sumner County kept death records between June 1881- March 1882. This page serves as an index page for those early Sumner County records. Below you will find a Deceased Name Index and a Deceased Parent's Name Index. We did not attempt to change the spelling of names or causes of death.

To view the statewide index of Tennessee Death Records for later years (which includes Sumner Co.) scroll to the bottom of this page.

For those that are interested in information about the names of old diseases, you can visit the
Old Diseases webpage

Deceased Name Index 1881-1882

Parent's Name of Deceased Index 1881-1882
Note: Some records do not include the parents names.

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