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W. C. Poston to Col. A. R. Wynne
Civil War Letter

Source: TSL&A
Microfilm #81 Historical Records Project,
Official Project No. 65-44-1499.
Copied under Work's Progress Administration
June 20, 1936

Contributed and Transcribed by
DeAnne A. Shelley

The following letter is a copy of the original one written by W. C. Poston to Colonel A. R. Wynne, Castalian Springs. The letter is at present owned by his grandson, George Wynne of Castalian Springs, which is about 8 miles east of Gallatin, Tennessee, who lives in the century-old house built by his grandfather, of oak and ash logs.

Col. A. (Alfred) R. Wynne married Almira Winchester, a daughter of Gen. James Winchester, a Revolutionary soldier, also a soldier in the War of 1812, a close friend of Andresw Jackson. This pioneer family included 14 children. Colonel Wynne planted a hickory tree in his yard on the day of the death of Andrew Jackson, which is still standing in the yard of the home site, at Castalian Springs.

Memphis, Tenn.
June 25, 1866
Hon. A. R. Wynne,
Castalian Springs

Dear Sir,

In view of all the surroundings we think it important that all of the members elected to the Legislature, who were rejected at the last session, should present themselves on the 4th. Inst. In obediance to the Governor's call, to demand admission avowedly for the purpose of voting against the _____ of the constitutional amendments. Especially is this necessary, since the message of the President expressing his disapprobation of these amendments.

Meet us at Nashville on the morning of the 3rd. at 10 O'c.

Yours very truly,
W. C. Poston

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