1890 Veterans Census, Sumner Co. TN

1890 Veterans Census
Sumner County, TN

Portland, ED 264

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Name of Surviving Soldier, and Widow Rank Company Name of Regiment or Vessel Date of Enlistment Date of Discharge Length of Service Post Office Disability Incurred Remarks Transcribers Remarks
Honeycutt, James A. White (reenlisted veteran( Corporal Private A 22 & 42 11 May 1861/ 1 June 1864 ? 1864/ 3 June 1865 3 yrs, 1 mo, 0 d/ 1 y, o mo, 13 d Fountain Head Shot in Head, Shot in Shoulder, eye & ear injured by wounds This man badly wounded many bones in shoulder has come out.
Groves, Press Black Private A blank 1863 1865 18 mos Portland, Tenn None This man joined at Gallatin Tenn his papers lost mustered out at Huntsville Ala
Scott, William M. White Private G 1st 5 Feb 1864 Apr 1865 1 y, 2 mos Portland, Tenn Shot in left foot, still suffers from wound This mans papers on files at W DC mounted infantry
Odom, Thomas Black Private D 40 Oct 1862 Apr 1865 2 yrs Mitchellsville, Tenn This man had forgot dates - his discharge paper burned up. He Is now an invalid Infantry joined at Gallatin Ten Col- Wade & Reeder.
Bunton, Eli Black Corporal A 14 Col Inf 1 Oct 1863 26 Mar 1866 blank Mitchellsville, Tenn Twice wounded, his left leg & left arm He has all his papers all right. Mustered out at Nashville. C. W. Baker Capt
Schroeder, C. Bugler C 3 Art 29 Mar 1861 ? 1866 5 yrs Portland, Tenn None. This man was a reenlisted man. From Art to Cavary Mustered in 1866 at Fort Macon NC. Hasting Capt. Emery Colonel. Both discharges lost
Shaub, James Private H 52 Ky Inf 10 Oct 1863 Jan 17 1865 1 yr Portland, Tenn No This mans paper all right- in DC
Harddin, Ben Private K 6 Ky Cav 14 July 1862 15 July 1865 3 yrs, 0 mos, 1 d Portland, Tenn Wounded in Rt Hand Papers all right muster out in Nashville Col. Roper. Cap. Jim McCowen
Bunton, Joe Private blank 112 Ten Inf July 1863 July 1865 blank Mitchellsville, Tenn This man badly afflicted with Rheumatism. His papers lost. Mustered out in Nashville Capt. Ayers. Gen Gilliam
Burbanks, Andy Private H 8 Hvy Art 2 May 1864 10 Feb 1866
Mitchellsville, Tenn This mans paper all right. None. Suffering with Hemorrhoids bad Rheumatism Cap. Notron. Co. H. C. Denning Discharged Victoria Texas
Allen, King S. (Hayes, King S.-alias) Private B 9 Hvy Art 2 Sept 1864 3 Sept 1865 1 yr Portland, Tenn Wounded twice. Small pox Discharged at Nashville. Cap. P. Comodore
Taylor, James E. Private F 4 Mt Inf 30 Sept 1864 25 Aug 1865 blank Mitchellsville, Tenn This man is badly crippled with Rheumatism. His papers all right. I have examined this man in bad off in distress can't work a helpless family his legs frozen on pickett. He has a good name. Capt. W. L. Hathaway. Discharged at Nashville.
Dickens, Dickson - Martha F. widow Private A blank blank blank blank Mitchellsville, Tenn This woman draws a pension. She is certainly ok She has papers but I have not seen them.
Mann, Daniel Private A blank Feb 1863 1865 2 yrs, o mos, ? D Mitchellsville, Tenn This man crippled from exposure in the army. His papers lost Capt. Hall, Col. Cox, Gen. Hatch. Atlanta Discharged
Cummings, Alfred Reenlisted Private F & G 17 Ky Cav/ 8 Ky Cav 1864/1863 Sep 20 1865/ Sept 1864 blank Mitchellsville, Tenn This man deaf in one ear from army services C. Yot. Alsup, Col. Sam Johnson. Gen. Judah papers allright can be produced when needed
Brauham, John blank blank blank blank blank blank Portland, Tenn blank

Sovel, Rachel, widow blank blank blank blank blank blank Portland, Tenn blank

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