Cage Family

Written by Jay Guy Cisco
From Historic Sumner County, Tennessee

Retyped with revisions by Diane Payne and Danene Vincent
NOTE: Typed as it appears in the book Historic Sumner County

William CAGE, the head of the Sumner County Cage's, was born in Virginia in 1745; severed in the Revolutionary War with the rank of Major. Married, first, Elizabeth DOUGLASS, daughter of Colonel Edward DOUGLASS; second, Ann MORGAN. Removed to Sumner County, Tennessee, in 1785, and settled at Cage's Bend. When the Territorial Government was organized, in 1790, he was appointed by Governor Blount, Sheriff of Sumner County, and by successive appointments served to 1796, when he was succeeded by his son, Reuben CAGE, who served to 1800, when he was in turn succeeded by James CAGE. William CAGE died at his home in Cage's Bend, March 12, 1811. His tombstone bears this inscription: "William CAGE a Major in the Revolutionary War. Died March 12, 1811.

Second Generation

  1. William Cage and Elizabeth Douglass had children-
  2. Priscilla Cage married William HALL, of Sullivan County.
  3. Wilson Cage married Polly DILLARD, of Sumner County.
  4. Reuben Cage married Polly MORGAN, of Sumner County.
  5. William Cage Jr., married Fannie STREET, of Sumner County.
  6. Sally Cage, twin of William, married Jack CARR, of Sumner County.
  7. James Cage, never married.
  8. Edward Cage, married Elizabeth JARRETT, of Sumner County.
  9. John Cage, married Thankful MORGAN, of Sumner County.
  10. Lofton Cage, married Nabury GILLESPIE, of Sumner County.
  11. Jesse Cage, married Polly GILLESPIE, of Sumner County.
    Children of second wife:
  12. Richard Cage. No information.
  13. Harry Cage, married Catherine STEWART, of Mississippi
  14. Albert Cage. No information.
  15. Robert Cage, married Lucy HUNLEY, of Wilson County.
  16. Elizabeth Cage, married Harman HAYS. The celebrated Colonel Jack HAYS, of the Texas Rangers, was their son.
  17. Patsey Cage, married Thomas MORTON.

    Third Generation
    No. 2

    Priscilla Cage, daughter of William and Elizabeth (DOUGLASS) Cage, married William HALE. Had Children:
  18. Cage Hale. No information
  19. Elizabeth Hale. Not information.
  20. Sallie Hale. No information.
  21. Nicholas Hale. No information.
  22. Richard Hale. No information.
  23. Wilson Hale. No information.
  24. James Hale. No information.
  25. Douglass Hale. No information.
  26. Priscilla Hale. No information.
  27. Beasman Hale. No information.
  28. Cyrus B. Hale, married Eliza TAYLORS.
  29. William Hale. No information.

    No. 3

    Wilson Cage, son of William and Elizabeth (DOUGLASS) Cage, married Polly DILLARD. Had children:
  30. Leroy Cage, married Miss. MOORE, of Smith County.
  31. Poleman Cage, married Miss. DILLARD, of Smith County.
  32. J. Overton Cage, married Miss. ROBO, of Smith County.
  33. Elizabeth Cage, married Mr. BRADLEY, of Smith County.
  34. Priscella Cage, married Norval DOUGLASS, of Sumner County.
  35. Patsey Cage, married Mr Rae.
  36. Delia Cage, married W. C. BECK.
  37. Harriet Cage, married Mr. BOYD.
  38. William Cage, married Miss. WATKINS.
  39. Harry Cage, married Miss. MULHOLLAND.
  40. Adolphus Cage, married Miss. BOYD.
  41. Wilson Cage, married Miss. CRISWELL.

    No. 4

    Reuben Cage, son of William and Elizabeth (DOUGLASS) Cage, married Polly MORGAN. Had children:
  42. Orville Cage, married, first, Louisa DOUGLASS; second, Miss WATSON.
  43. Nancy Cage, married Fred WATKINS.
  44. Evaline Cage, married Mr. ABSTON.
  45. Louisa Cage, married Mr. ABSTON.
  46. Adeline Cage, married Mr. GILLESPIE.
  47. Sophia Cage, married Dr. Jack FRANKLIN.

    NO. 5

    William Cage, son of William and Elizabeth (DOUGLASS) Cage, married Fannie STREET. Had children:
  48. George Cage. No information.
  49. Maria Cage, married Foster CRUTCHER.
  50. James Cage, married Sophia WRIGHT.
  51. Susan Cage, married Thomas ANDERSON.
  52. Edward Cage. No information.
  53. Marcus Cage. No information.
  54. Lycurgus Cage, married Elizabeth JAMES.
  55. Rufus K. Cage, married Mary BODDIE.
  56. Wilson Cage. No information.
  57. Corina Cage. No information.

    No. 6

    Sally Cage, daughter of William and Elizabeth (DOUGLASS) Cage, was a twin sister of William. She married Jack CARR, of Sumner County. Had children:
  58. Betsey Carr, married Mr. HOLT.
  59. Priscilla Carr, married Mr. MURRAY.
  60. William Cage Carr, married Miss WILLIS.
  61. James C. Carr, married Mrs. BELOTE.
  62. Ann Carr, married R. ALLEN.
  63. John Sewell Carr. No information.
  64. Wilson Carr, married Miss BASKERVILLE.
  65. Reese Carr. No information.
  66. Orvey Carr, married Mr. CRENSHAW.
  67. Martin Carr. No information.
  68. Jesse Carr, married first, Miss. BREWER; second, Miss. WOODS.
  69. Sarah Carr, married Samuel WALLACE.
  70. Patsey Carr. No information.
  71. Name unknown. Died young.

    No. 8

    Edward Cage, son of William and Elizabeth (DOUGLASS) Cage, married Elizabeth JARRETT. Had children:
  72. Alva Cage
  73. Alfred Cage
  74. Edward Cage
  75. Priscilla Cage, married Mr. NOLAND.
  76. Elizabeth Cage

    No. 9

    John Cage, son of William and Elizabeth (DOUGLASS) Cage, married Thankful MORGAN, of Sumner County. Had children:
  77. William Clinton Cage, married Miss LYNCH.
  78. Minerva Cage, married Peter HUBBARD.
  79. Claiborne Cage, married Miss. STEWART.
  80. Jack Cage
  81. Edward Cage, married Miss. YOUNG.
  82. James Cage
  83. Elizabeth Cage, married Mr. FRAZIER.
  84. Priscilla Cage, married David BARRY.
  85. Benjamin Cage

    No. 10

    Lofton Cage, son of William and Elizabeth (DOUGLASS) Cage, married Nabury GILLESPIE. Had children:
  86. Eliza Cage, married L. COLEMAN.
  87. Selima Cage, married Mr. ELLIOTT.
  88. Albert Cage
  89. Fanny Cage

    No. 11

    Jesse Cage, son of William and Elizabeth (DOUGLASS) Cage, married Polly GILLESPIE. Had children:
  90. Elizabeth Cage, married Smith FRANKLIN.
  91. William C. Cage, married Julia FRANKLIN.
  92. Jack F. Cage, married Mary CANTRELL.
  93. Sophia Ann Cage
  94. Jane Cage
  95. Maria Cage, married Dr. James FRANKLIN.
  96. Carolina Cage, married Thomas FLETCHER.
  97. Minerva Cage, married Judge William SHARKY, of Mississippi

    No. 13

    Harry Cage, son of William and Elizabeth (DOUGLASS) Cage, married Catherine STEWART. Had children:
  98. Penelope Cage. Died in infancy.
  99. Duncan S. Cage, married Jane CONNELL.
  100. Albert G. Cage, married Elvira GAYDEN.

    No. 15

    Robert Cage, son of William and Elizabeth (DOUGLASS) Cage, married Lucy HUNLEY. Had children:
  101. Albert Cage, married Amanda GARRETT.
  102. Elizabeth Cage, married General Harry HAYS.
  103. Catherine Cage, married Mr. TAYLOR.
  104. Minerva Cage, married Captain John GIDIERE.
  105. Rebecca Cage, twin of Minerva, died in childhood.
  106. Lucy Cage, married, first Mr. WITHERSPOON; second, Jack RATCLIFF.
  107. Jane Cage, married Judge William HOLMES.
  108. Harry Hays Cage, died during the Civil War.
  109. Robert Cage, married Mary de VALCOURT.

    No. 16

    Elizabeth Cage, daughter of William and Elizabeth (DOUGLASS) Cage, married Harman HAYS. Had children:
  110. Jack Hays, married Miss. CALVERT.
  111. William Hays, married Miss. E. STEPHENS.
  112. Mary Ann Hays, married J. C. LEWIS.
  113. Sarah Hays, married Calvin LEA.
  114. Harry Hays, married Bettie CAGE.
  115. Robert Hays
  116. Jane Hays

    No. 17

    Patsey Cage, daughter of William and Elizabeth (DOUGLASS) Cage, married Thomas MORTON. Had children:
  117. Susan Morton

    No. 28

    Cyrus B. HALE, son of William and Priscilla (CAGE) Hale, married Eliza TAYLOR. Had children:
    117a William J. Hale
    117b Priscilla Hale, married D. J. HARPER.
    117c Ellar Hale, married J. B. LIPSCOMB.
    117d James Cage Hale

    Fourth Generation
    No. 90

    Elizabeth Cage, daughter of Jesse and Polly (GILLESPIE) Cage, married Smith FRANKLIN. Had children:
  118. Blanche Franklin, married Hon. Stephen ARCHER.

    No. 91

    William Cage, son of Jesse and Polly (GILLESPIE), Cage, married Julia FRANKLIN. Had children:
  119. Ann Cage, married James BASHAW.
  120. John Hogg Cage
  121. Betsey Cage. Died young.
  122. Martha Cage, married Isaac GURTHRIE.
  123. Gertrude Cage. Died young.
  124. Cora Cage
  125. Laura Cage, married William SEAY.
  126. Florida Cage, married John SCOTT.

    No. 92

    Jack F. Cage, son of Jesse and Polly (GILLESPIE) Cage, married Mary CANTRELL. Had children:
  127. Jesse Cage, married Sallie DOUGLASS.
  128. Willie Cage. Died young.
  129. Polly Cage, married Frank DOUGLASS.
  130. Fannie Cage
  131. James Cage, married Sallie BODDIE.
  132. Walter Bugg Cage
  133. Lon Cage, married W. C. DISMUKES
  134. Jack Cage

    No. 95

    Maria Cage, daughter of Jesse and Polly (GILLESPIE) Cage, married Dr. James FRANKLIN. Had children:
  135. Mary Franklin, married Mr. BONDURANT.
  136. Carrie Franklin, married John BARRY.
  137. Minerva Franklin
  138. Jessie Franklin
  139. James Franklin
  140. Jack Franklin

    No. 99

    Duncan S. Cage, son of Harry and Catherine (STEWART) Cage, married Jane CONNELL. Had children:
  141. Leonora Cage, never married.
  142. Harry Cage, married Jane BISLAN
  143. Liza Cage, never married.
    Albert Cage, so of Robert and Lucy (Hun-) Note: No number written next to this and the Hun- is not finished in the book.
  144. Hugh Connell Cage, married Madge BALDWILL.
  145. Duncan S. Cage Jr., married Ellen MORGAN.
  146. Jane Cage, never married.

    No. 100

    Albert Cage, son of Robert and Lucy (Hun-(Stewart) Cage, married Elvira GAYDEN. Had children:
  147. Duncan Cage, never married.
  148. Catherine Cage, married J. Baker BISLAND.
  149. Agrippa Gayden Cage, married Loula LYLE.
  150. Mary Cage, married Judge John CLEGG.
  151. Harry Hays Cage.
  152. Elvira Cage, married William MCCOLLAM.

    No. 101

    Albert Cage, son of Robert and Lucy (HUNLEY) Cage, married Amanda GARRETT. Had children:
  153. Sallie Cage, married Will POWELL.
  154. Lucy Cage, married John CRAIG.
  155. Harry Cage, married Miss HANDY.
  156. Emily Cage, married John BOBB.
  157. Bessie Cage, married Dan ROSE.
  158. Isa Cage.
  159. Albert Cage, never married.

    No. 102

    Elizabeth Cage, daughter of Robert and Lucy (HUNLEY) Cage, married General Harry HAYS. Had children:
  160. Jack Hays. Died in January 1888. Unmarried.
  161. Lucy Hays, married Franklin MIX.
  162. Kate Hays, married Harry HAYS.
  163. Minerva Hays, married Sydney GUYOL.

    No. 117a

    William J. HALE, son of Cyrus B. And Eliza (TAYLORS) Hale, married ____. He entered the Confederate Army in 1861, as Captain of a company in Bates Second Tennessee Regiment, and was afterwards promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel. When W. B. Bate was commissioned Brigadier-General. Hale was promoted to Colonel of the regiment, and commanded it until the close of the war. He was a brave and gallant soldier and was loved and respected by all men. After the war he engaged in merchandising in Hartsville, where he still resides and conducts a successful business. In 1883 he was elected to represent Trousdale, Sumner and Smith counties in the Legislature, and served two terms, with satisfaction to his people and honor to himself.
    His son, W. B. Hale served a term in the Legislature, and was afterwards a Captain in the war with Spain.

    No. 103

    Catherine Cage, daughter of Robert and Lucy (HUNLEY) Cage, married Mr. TAYLOR. Had children:
  164. Hunley Taylor. Died in 1880. Unmarried.

    No. 104

    Minerva Cage, daughter of Robert and Lucy (HUNLEY) Cage, married John GIDIERE. Had children:
  165. Kate Gidiere, married Horace REESE.
  166. Harry Gidiere
  167. Philip Gidiere

    No. 106

    Lucy Cage, daughter of Robert and Lucy (HUNLEY) Cage, married first Mr. WITHERSPOON; second, Mr. RATCLIFFE. Had children:
  168. Minerva Witherspoon, married Frank HINDMAN.
  169. Jack Ratcliffe.

    No. 107

    Jane Cage, daughter of Robert and Lucy (HUNLEY) Cage, married Mary DE VALCOURT. Had children:
  170. Edith Cage
  171. Bessie Cage
  172. Mary Cage
  173. Robert Cage

    No. 127

    Jesse Cage, son of Jack F. and Mary (CANTRELL) Cage, was born in Sumner County, January 30, 1841. The military records at Washington City show on May 26, 1861, he enlisted as a private in Company E, Seventh Tennessee Infantry, Confederate Veterans. He was appointed Third Sergeant, April 20, 1862; Second Sergeant April, 1864, and First Sergeant, February 24, 1865. The record shows that he was wounded in action before Petersburg, Virginia., April 2, 1865, and was captured and his leg amputated. He was than sent to Lincoln Hospital, Washington, D. C., where he was held until May, 30, 1865, when he was released, after the surrender of General Lee. He then returned to his home in Sumner County. In 1869 he was appointed County Court Clerk for Sumner County. In 1870 he was elected to the same office for a term of four years. In August, 1874 he was reelected without opposition. In 1878 he declined to offer again for the office, and in 1884 removed to Nashville, and served as Chief Deputy under Colonel John T. Hillman, United States Revenue Collector under Cleveland's first administration. Since his term expired he has been with the Nashville Trust Company. He was called by the people of Nashville to, and was elected justice of the peace, and is now, 1908, holding that office.
    On November 3, 1870, he married Sallie T. DOUGLASS, daughter of Robert B. and Delia A. (MITCHELL) Douglass. Has children:
  174. Douglass Cage. Died in infancy.
  175. Louisa Mitchell Cage
  176. Trousdale Cage
  177. Nellie Cage. Died at 18 months of age.
  178. Maria F. Cage
  179. Mary Cage. Died at the age of five years
  180. Henry Cage. Died in infancy.

    No. 129

    Polly Cage, daughter of Jack F. and Mary (CANTRELL) Cage, married Frank DOUGLASS. Had children:
  181. Cage Douglass
  182. Mary Douglass
  183. Eastman Douglass
  184. Robert Douglass
  185. Ellen Douglass

    No. 131

    James Cage, son of Jack F. and Mary (CANTRELL) Cage, married Sallie BODDIE. Had children:
  186. Lizzie Cage
  187. Charles Cage
  188. Mary Cage
  189. Sue Cage, twin of Mary. Died young.
  190. Fields Cage
  191. Alice Cage
  192. Josephine Cage, twin of Alice.
  193. Jessie Cage. Died young

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