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Buffalo School 1948-1949

Submitted by
Jean Adcock

This is a group picture of the students at Buffalo School located on Phillips Hollow Rd in Bethpage/Bransford. Below is the names of the students.

Dewey Reese, Dickie Williams, J.B. Thompson, Weston Thompson, Bobby Borders, Tater Bug Byrns, Irene Sullivan, Myrtle Thompson, Jr. Adcock

Bobby Borders, Dean Eden, Judy Williams, Lillian Mai Sloan, Betty Williams, Dog Thompson, James Templeton, Thomas Lee Williams

Guthrie Gregory, William Leslie Harrison, Warden Sloan, Joan Adcock, Willie Mai Williams, Ashley Byrns, Ruby Mai Williams, _____________, Billy Thompson, Derotha Doss

Roy Eden, ___Hammock, (Frances Hammock's girl), Ernie Sneed, Thelma Thompson, Dorthy Thompson, Comelia Thompson, Joyce Reese

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