Walter L. Bradley Family Bible Records

Walter L. Bradley Family Bible

Contributed by Lisa Bracey Farris

This bible belonged to Walter L. Bradley.
Walter L. Bradley's father, William Thomason Bradley was in the 7th Tennessee Infantry in the Civil War. William T. Bradley, grandfather, James Bradley, was an officer in the Revolutionary War. His home and gravesite are in Smith County, Tennessee.
Walter L. Bradley born Jan. 20, 1872 in Smith County Tennessee. Mary Ann (Mamie) Penn born August 8, 1874 in Sumner County, Tennessee. They wed in 1895.

In Birth's section of family bible:

Their children were: Richard L. Bradley born Sept. 29, 1896. Tuesday, Sumner County, Tennessee.
Mary Katherine Bradley, born Aug. 30, 1898. Tuesday, Sumner County, Tennessee.
Will T. Bradley, born Feb. 1st 1901.
Trevenia Bradley, born Feb. 2 1903, Monday, born in Sumner County, Tennessee.
Nell. Bradley, born Dec. 28, 1904, Wednesday, born in Sumner County, Tennessee.
Elizabeth Bradley, born Dec. 12, 1906, Wednesday, Sumner County, Tennessee.
Sue Bradley, born May 12, 1909, Wednesday, Sumner County, Tennessee.
Walter Bradley, June 18, 1911, Sunday, Sumner County, Tennessee.
James Penn Bradley, born Jan. 31st, Sunday, Sumner County, Tennessee
David S. Bradley, born March 29, 1917, Thursday, Sumner County, Tennessee

Trevenia Bradley, as noted above, married Stokley Sylvester Hilton in Sumner County, Tennesssee.

Their children were:

Mary Sue Hilton, born Feb. 19, 1922, Saturday, Sumner County, Tennessee.
Elizabeth Jackson Hilton, born April 6, Saturday, Sumner County, Tennessee.
Polly Scott Hilton, born May 18, 1924, Sunday, Sumner County, Tennessee.
Walter Jackson Hilton, born Jan. 6, 1926, Wednesday, Sumner County, Tennessee.
Herbert Hilton, born June 17, 1935.
James Madden Hilton, born June 1936.
Billy Bradley Hilton, Carrie Miller Hilton, Nathan B. Hilton born. Dates not shown.
Joseph Frank Hilton, born December 24, 1933.

In marriage section of family bible:

Walter L. Bradley and Mamie Penn were married December 28, 1895.
Stokley S. Hilton and Tryphenia Bradley were married April 30, 1921.
Nell Bradley and O. W. Lowery were married March 28, 1924.
Richard L. Bradley and Sadie Lowry were married June 1930,
R. W. Lewis and Katherine Bradley were married June 1931.
David Bradley and Novella married Dec. 16, 1936.
Penn Bradley and Dolores married Feb. 25, 1938.
Walter L. Bradley and Beulah married October 1938.
Sue Bradley and Harold Ketring married June 23, 1950.
Mary Ellen Lewis and Terry Glover married August 2, 1963.

In Death section of family bible:

W. T. Bradley died Jan 7, 1911.
Elizabeth Jackson Bradley died Jan 11, 1911.
Mary Bradley died March 29, 1912.
Harry (I think as I can not decipher handwriting) died Sept. 8, 1912.
Will T. Bradley died June 5, 1918. (Uncle Bill)
Walther L Bradley died Jan 5, 1924.
Elizabeth Bradley died Jan 21, 1939.
Mrs. Mamie Penn Bradley died Jan 18, 1944.
Mrs. Sue Bradley Ketring died Sept. 29, 1972.
David Sanders Bradley July 23 (?) 1976.
Mary Katherine Bradley Lewis died July 3, 1977.
Odie Lowery died Jan 6, 1980 or 79?
Reno W. Lewis died March 5, 1979.
Sadie Lowery Bradley died April 2, 1981.
Richard Lee Bradley, Sr. died July 9, 1982.
Will Thompson Bradley died July 18, 1983.

Memoranda section of family bible

Harold Duncan Ketring died March 29, 1964.
(Footnote: buried in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church on Long Hollow Pike in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. )
Harold born 1901.
Sadie Mai Lowery Bradley died April 2, 1981, born May 1899.

Additional names and dates on blank page in family bible:

Mary Elizabeth Lowery born Feb. 25, 1926. Thursday
O. W. Lowery, Jr. born December 24, 1929.
Richard Lee Bradley, Jr born March 21, 1931.
Willam Cantrell Bradley born Jan 21, 1933.
Ernest Melvin Bradley born August 18, 1936.
Mary Ellen Lewis born Dec. 22, 1938.
Wilma Jean born Oct. 9, 1937.
Virginia Bradley, born Sept. 26, 1939. Tuesday
John Lewis Glover born Tuesday, September 28, 1976.

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