Taylor Family Bible

Taylor Family Bible

Contributed by Stephanie Mathis

Note: I have pages from a bible with the following information. I don't know the location of the bible, but these pages were in the possession of Mary Alice Montgomery Elizer. Some of the information is hard to read.


Alexander K. Taylor and Martha Williamson were married March the 16th AD 1826


Alexander K. Taylor son of Robert and Margaret Taylor whose maiden name was Kirkpatrick, was born the 3rd of June 1805.
Martha Taylor - daughter of James and Isabelah Williamson (whose maiden name was Bell) was born the 15th of July 1804.
Margaret Isabelah Taylor was born the 2nd of April 1827.
Sarah Jane Taylor was born November the 13th 1829.
Harriett Taylor was born May the 25 1833.
Henry Wise Taylor was born February the 5 1836.
James Williamson Taylor was born Oct 19 1839 & died aged twenty days.
Sumner Taylor was born November 12 1840.
George ? Taylor was born Feb the 19 1843.
Nancy was born Nov the 18 1834 & died the 30 August 183?.
Feliz Houston was born Sept 10, 183?.
2 other names I can't read, but the second one was born 1841.
Peter was borned January the 19 1844.


Lucy Taylor was born ???? 28 1808

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