Strother Bible

Strother Bible

Contributed by Nathan Knight
267 Ragland Road, Cottontown, Tennessee 37048


James E. "Uncle Tobe" Strother was the son of George W. Strother (1812-1889) and Mary (Mitchell) Strother (1813-1890).

This Bible was passed from him to his son John Henry Strother, then to Claude Strother, then to Gerry Strother.

Title Page
Standard Edition, The HOLY BIBLE, containing the Old and New Testaments, Translated out of the Original Tongues, with the Apocrypha, Concordance and Psalms, and Revised New Testament, the old (King James) Version and the Revised Version arranged in parallel columns for convenience in reference and comparison. "The Light of the World" Trademark, Southwestern Publishing House, Nashville, Tenn.

P.L. [Patty Louise (some sources say Louise Virginia) wife of J.E. Strother] Price was borned Jan. the 1-1847
J.E. [James E. (also known as "Uncle Tobe")] Strother was borned Oct. 29, 1846
Leonard F. Strother was borned 1872
Lizzie Strother was borned, July the 20, 1874
J.H. [John Henry] Strother was borned Nov. 5, 1878
Tommy Strother borned Nov. 20, 1876
W.B. [William B.] Strother borned 1880
George F. Strother Nov. 26, 1882
Addie L. Strother was borned Nov. 17, 1884
Susie A. Strother was April 13, 1886
Mae Belle Strother was borned Jan. 23, 1891
Mary Lou Strother was borned Nov. 13, 1893
J.C. [Julian C.] Baker [husband of above Mary Lou] was borned July 23, 1887

Tommy Strother March 4, 1877
George F. Strother, died Feb. 16, 1896
P.L. Price, died April 21, 1918
J.E. Strother died Feb. 7, 1921
Susie A. Strother died Aug. 23, 1925
May Belle Strother Elliott Aug. 21, 1934

Inside front cover

Samuel G. Dorr died Sept. 29, 1899 [brother to Lizzie below]
W.W. Dorr died Dec. 27, 1895 [father of Lizzie below]
Lizzie [Elizabeth Ardelia] Dorr and J.H. [John Henry] Strother married Feb. 23, 1900
Martha J. [Ealey] Dorr died 1888 [mother of Lizzie above]

Maude Strother born Jan. 3, 1901
Claude Strother born Oct. 31, 1904
Gladys Strother born Sept. 3, 1906
Owen Strother born July 1, 1908
[John] Alva Strother born August 4, 1910
Herman Strother born April 23, 1912
James Strother born Dec. 12, 1913
Mary J. Link died Oct. 12, 1913
Martha Strother born July 13, 1915
Mary Strother born Feb. 2, 1917
Mary Strother died Aug. 27, 1918
Samuel Strother born March 4, 1919
Charles Strother born Dec. 2, 1921
Naydene Strother born Jan. 8, 1923
Janie Strother born Jan. 10, 1925
Helen Strother born Jan. 31, 1927
J.H. Strother born Nov. 5, 1878
Elizabeth Strother born August 6, 1882
Maude Strother and Shearlie Parker married Jan. 27, 1918

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Gladys Strother and Frank Cunningham married April 4, 1931
Alva Strother and Nellie Mai Collier married July 4, 1934
Claude Strother and Ethel Ragland married April 12, 1936
Owen Strother and Edith Sherron married Sept. 5, 1936
Martha Strother and Roger Drake Rash married Dec. 24, 1941
Naydeen Strother & Eugene Alderson married Aug. 1, 1942
Helen Strother and John W. Reeves married Oct. 22, 1949
Sam Strother & Helen Henson married April 14, 1946
Janie Strother & James Bray married May 19, 1951, also Douglas Brader
Herman Strother & Gertrude
James Strother & Jessie Smith
Charles Strother & Lulu

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