Stone Bible

Stone Family Bible

Contributed by Howard Stone Baulch
©February 16, 2001

Note: The Stone Family Bible was passed down to me almost ten years ago. This Holy Bible was first owned by Nicholas Howard Stone and Mary Elizabeth Hanna. The Bible was then passed down to Clara Thomas Stone and George Nelson Baulch. Upon their deaths it was passed to Nelson Howard Baulch and Peryle Reynolds. Shortly before the death of Peryle Reynolds Baulch, it was passed to Howard Stone Baulch and is where it remains today. I have painstakingly transcribed each recorded fact as they appear in the Bible.

The People's Standard Edition of the Holy Bible, Wm. Garretson and Co., 1879.

Holy Matrimony Certificate page recorded as follows:
Mr. N. H. Stone of Gallatin, Tenn. and Miss Bettie Hanna of Bethpage, Tenn. on
May the 4, 1870 at Bethpage by Rev. J. G. Ray.

Marriages page recorded as follows:

Nicholas Howard Stone and Sarah Jane Gourley was married March 13, 1856.
Nicholas Howard Stone and Mary Elizabeth Hanna was married May 4, 1870.
Elizabeth Harret Stone and Columbious Cofield Horn was married January 19, 1891.
William Knox Franklin and Martha Jane Stone was married Nov. 1889.
John T. Widick and Mamie Lee Stone was married Dec. 18, 1896.
George Nelson Baulch and Clara Thomas Stone was married Dec. 28, 1898.
Richard W. Lee and Susie Timmon Stone was married.
Nelson Howard Baulch and Peryle Reynolds were married December 22, 1929.
Ernest Franklin Baulch and Nelle Lou Venable were married September 21, 1929.
James Homer Baulch and Madie Gibson were married April 13, 1940.

Births page recorded as follows:

Nicholas Howard Stone born March 4, 1830.
Sarah Jane Stone, wife of N. H. Stone was born August 13, 1835.
Elizabeth Harret Stone born April 18, 1857.
Martha Jane Stone born April 13, 1859.
Mary Elizabeth Stone, wife of N. H. Stone born April 12, 18844. [Transcriber's note: 18844 is what is recorded but 1844 must be what was intended.]
Mammie Lee Stone born March 27, 1871.
Susie Timmon Stone born March 17, 1873.
Clara Thomas Stone born June 2, 1875.
John Richard Stone born July 25, 1876.
Abner Nicholas Stone born June 10, 1878.
Francis Henry Stone born July 26, 1879.
Minnie Sophia Stone born Feb. 2, 1882.
James Kavanaugh Stone Feb. 14, 1884.
Pearl Stone born Dec. 28, 1885.
Mary Octavene Widick born Oct. 18, 1897.
Clara May Widick born Sept. 21, 1900.
Nelson Howard Baulch born Jan. 27, 1902.
Ernest Franklin Baulch born Nov. 23, 1905.
James Homer Baulch born Dec. 18, 1915.
John Nicholas Lee born Feb. 7, 1905.
Caroline Elizabeth Lee born May 13, 1909.
Mary Lucinda Lee born Apr. 7, 1911.
Children of Susie Timmon Stone Lee.

Deaths page recorded as follows:

Sarah Jane Stone wife of N. H. Stone died 1867.
Minnie Sophia Stone died Dec. 5, 1894.
Nicholas Howard Stone died Mar. 13, 1900.
Columbious Cofield Horn died Aug. 1907.
Pearl Stone died Apr. 11, 1906.
Mary Elizabeth, wife of N. H. Stone died Feb. 1909.
Elizabeth Harret Horn died April 6, 1902. age 44 yrs, 11 months, 18 d.
Abner Nicholas Stone died Mar. 21, 1912.
John Richard Stone Feb. 26, 1947.
Clara Stone Baulch died Apr 1, 1959.
George Nelson Baulch died Dec 4, 1949.
Ernest Franklin Baulch died Aug 13, 1976.
Nelson Howard Baulch died October 1986.

Family History page recorded as follows:

(Note: Information on people born after 1930 without a death date were removed from this part of the record. For later information please contact the contributor)
Joseph Henry Stone, brother of N. H. Stone died in Trenton, Tex. Apr. 18, 1895.
Benjamin & Rachel McGinley born Feb. 18, 1974. Died Feb. 21 & 28, 1974.

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