The Brown Family Bible

The Brown Family Bible

From family books compiled in the 1960s by
Dolores and Gordon Miltenberger

Benj. Brown from Wales
Benj. Brown M. Sarah Dabney B. Jan 1724 He D. 1762 she supposed to D 1794


Sarah Brown My Mother born January 17, 1724
Brightberry Brown the eld Born February 13th 1762 D 1846
Suca Brown Born Jan the 21st 1766
Milley Brown was born November the 7th 1788
William Brown was Born August the 1st 1790
Edmund Brown was born April the 7th 1792
Brightberry Brown was born Nov 17th 1794
Nimrod Brown was born April the 5th 1797
Clifton Brown was born August the 6th 1799
Suca T. Brown was born Sept the 17th 1803
Horace Brown was born April the 14th 1807

2nd column

Suca T. Brown Daughter of Brightberry & Suca Decd August the 14th 1805
Amanda Brown born January the 16th 1809
Bernard D 1800 M Eliz Dabney
Bernis D 1815 M Henrietta Rhodes
Brightberry 2-13-1762 Mary
Eliz M John Price

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Brightberry Brown & Suca his wife was Marryed Jany 10th 1788
Milly Brown & Thomas H. Brown Marryed Octr 1st 1807
The latter born April 16th 1785
Horace Brown B 4-14-1807 & Lucy E. his wife Marryed Nov 12th 1833
The latter born May 6th 1811

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Ch of Benj & Sarah Dabney Brown B Jan 1724
Bernis (Meth minister) Capt Bezaleel-Brightberry-Eliz wife of Jno Price
Lucretia wife of Robt Har Col Wm T Brown & Wm in Louisa Co Va abt 1742
All B Albemarle Co VA Brown's Cove

Compilers Notes:
1. The bible record is from the files of Mrs. Mildred Box. She made no note as to where this bible was at the time she received or made a copy of the data. The file of Brightberry Brown Number R 1282, Revolutionary Pension Papers, GSA, Washington, D.C. Has a typed letter in the file which is included in this work with the same information as the Bible record that Mrs. Box has. There is additional information in Mrs. Box's material so therefore I cannot say this is a copy of an original Bible record.
2. A notes appended by Mrs. Box "The names Berna(rid?) Eliz & Robt Har(per?) were at the edge & are incomplete.

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