Oglesby Family Bible

Oglesby Family Bible

Contributed by
Carolyn Oglesby
© 2008


Daniel Oglesby was born December the 24th 1785
Mary Oglesby was born October 29th 1788
John Oglesby was Born January 24 1807
Elisha Oglesby was Born December th 31 1810
James Oglesby was Born October 3 th 1812
Emaline Oglesby was Born January the 14 1818
Rebecca Oglesby was Born April 19 th 1821
A. C. Oglesby as born July 28 th 1828
William C. Loving was Born Jun 18 the 1840
John A. Debow was Born July 1786
W. S. Souther was born Jan the 20th 1809


Emeline Browning Died March 11th 1859
Daniel Oglesby Died September 12 1859
William C. Lovings Died January th _? 1892
Mary Oglesby Died August 14th 1865
John A. Debow died Jan 1st 1864
W. S. Souther died Oct 20, 1887
R. W. Souther died Sept 19 1895

Obituary placed in bible
Daniel Oglesby was born December 24, 1785; married to Miss Mary White September 6, 1804, professed religion in 1812 and attached himself to the M. E. Church in which he lived an acceptable and exemplary member till called to his reward September 12 1859....


Daniel Oglesby was marid to Miss Mary White September 6 1804
Wm. C. Loving was married to Miss Betty Mongle October 10th 1860

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